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Welcome to the European Commission Funded Project on "Orientations of Young Men and Women to Citizenship and European Identity"

This project explores the views and experiences of young men and women, aged 18-24, concerning their identity, citizenship and attachment to locality, nation and Europe.

We are using surveys and more in-depth discussions to speak both to random samples of young people and young people studying subjects likely to lead to 'European careers' beyond their own country.

We have chosen to talk to young people in cities with contrasting histories of connection to the rest of Europe and the European Union.

Studies are going on in Vienna and Vorarlberg in Austria, Chemnitz and Bielefeld in (the former East and West) Germany, Madrid and Bilbao in Spain, Prague and Bratislava, the capitals of the relatively new Czech Republic and Slovakia, and in the UK in Manchester, England and in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Access to documents in the language of the country, can be found by clicking on the flags below

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Youth and European Identity
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