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Author: Emre Tarim

Title: Studying Financial Markets: Issues of Methodology and Disciplinary Boundaries

Year: 2008

ISBN: 1-900522-28-4

Financial markets have become a central aspect of our daily lives due to deregulation and liberalization in national economies and financial and technological innovation in the last few decades. The amounts traded in financial markets daily, monthly, annually, are sometimes at par and sometimes much bigger than the GDPs of the five biggest economies in the world. The immense growth in financial markets affects our daily lives not only during times of crises but also on a daily basis because of their ups and downs. A phenomenon so pervasive in daily life has brought great interest from different fields of social sciences. This paper looks at how the social sciences study financial markets by making a very short survey of Financial Economics, Behavioural Finance, Sociology and International Political Economy in an attempt to comment on disciplinary boundaries.

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