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Author: Maria Gulczynska

Title: British versus polish relationship Talk: Comparative life stories of two Married males in their thirties

Year: 2008

ISBN: 1-900522-18-7

This paper presents the interview material and its analysis, which encompassed a major part of the research project I conducted for an Msc dissertation. It focuses on masculinities and coupledom in Britain and Poland, comparing the experiences of intimacy in one British and one Polish married man. By conducting a series of semi-structured life story interviews and using narrative analysis approach in interpreting the data collected, I assessed the impact of individual socio-cultural background and its influential role in defining the masculinities presented on the process of relationship formation. It has been claimed that there exists categorisation of relationships and perception of intimacy into the pessimistic individualistic view of Beck (1992) and Beck and Beck-Gernsheim (2002), the optimistic ‘pure relationship’ idea from Giddens (1992), and the in-between one from Jamieson (1998, 1999). Therefore, I examine to what extent they remain relevant for our understanding of contemporary attitudes by investigating the similarities and differences within a British and a Polish male.