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Author: Richard Feesey

Title: Get Real, Go For It and Get a Life: A Living Death of the Social - Or Its Affirmation For Our Time

Year: 2002

ISBN: 1-90052201-2

Certain familiar, but on reflection highly strange, forms of contemporary individualism are addressed. Activities and attitudes which on the face of it explicitly wish to turn their back on questions of the social, always trying to turn attention to "us as individuals" along with "our individual lives to live," present a challenge to the sociologist. The challenge is to bring out the versions of social community best recognised by these activities and attitudes, even despite themselves. Community as both source and arbiter of value relates to the contexts in which the phenomena are found, to what will be affirmed therein and to what we as commentator bring to the topic if our analysis manages to be stimulated by "Get a Life!" while succumbing neither to narcissism about itself nor romanticism about community.

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