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Sociology: Research


Edinburgh Working Papers in Sociology

Edinburgh Working Papers in Sociology are published by the Department of Sociology, University of Edinburgh. They include:

  • preliminary results of research in progress
  • contributions to conceptual or theoretical debate within sociology
  • contributions to public debate about social issues

The following are titles, with abstracts, of papers published. Some of these are available for download (in pdf format) from this site. To order 'hard' copies of these, or of the papers not available for download, please contact us.

Please click here for a link to ‘Organisation and Social Order’, the final, unpublished work written by the late Professor Tom Burns. The Department of Sociology at Edinburgh began in 1964 when Tom Burns (1913-2001) was appointed the first Professor, and he remained here until his retirement in 1981.

  1. John Orr (1995) - Paranoid Fictions: Conspiracy Theory, JFK and Nightmare on Elm Street Continued. Reference: 1-900522-00-4
  2. Alexandra Howson (1995) - The Female Body and Health Surveillance: Cervical Screening and the Social Production of Risk Reference: 1-900522-05-5
  3. Donald MacKenzie (1995) - Theories of Technology and the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons Reference: 1-900522-10-1
  4. Stanley Raffel (1995) - Recent Social and Political Theory and the Problem of Justice Reference: 1-900522-15-2
  5. David Bloor (1996) - Idealism and the Sociology of Knowledge Reference: 1-900522-20-9
  6. Stanley Raffel (1996) - A Sociological Theory of Justice Reference: 1-900522-25-X
  7. Nick Prior (1996) - The Social Production of Aesthetic Space in the National Gallery of Scotland, 1859-70. Reference: 1-900522-30-6
  8. Edited by Donald Hislop & Alex Law (1996) - Restructuring the Defence Industry After the Cold War: Proceedings of a Seminar on Current Research Reference: 1-900522-35-7
  9. John Orr (1997) - Disenchantments of the Road: The Car in Contemporary Cinema. Reference: 1-900522-40-3
  10. Sarah Nelson (1997) - Research Into Child Sexual Abuse: A Radical Reappraisal. Reference: 1-900522-45-4
  11. Debbie Kemmer (1997) - Our Daily Bread: Food Choice and the Household Economy. Reference: 1-900522-50-0
  12. John MacInnes (1998) - The Growth of Women's Employment and the Breakdown of the Male Breadwinner System in Europe, Evidence from Spain and Britain Reference: 1-900522-55-0
  13. John MacInnes & Sarah Gore (1998) - The Politics of Language in Catalunya Reference: 1-900522-60-8
  14. John Orr (1999) - Hidden Agenda: Pierre Bourdieu and Terry Eagleton Reference: 1-900522-65-9
  15. Sveta Klimova (1999) - Disagreeing to Agree and Disagreeing to Disagree: Can Protest Be Rational Reference: 1-900522-70-5
  16. Hiroshi Yasui (1999) - The Fusion of Nationalism With Facism and Communism: An Analysis of the Romanian National Movement with Two Ideologies Reference: 1-900522-75-6
  17. Stanley Raffel (1999) - If Goffman Had Read Levinas Reference: 1-900522-80-2
  18. Gillian Haddow (2000) - Organ transplantation and (dis)embodiment Reference: 1-900522-85-3
  19. Nick Prior (2000) - The Art of Criticism: The Critic as Arbiter of Taste in the Scottish Enlightenment Reference: 1-900522-90-X
  20. Michael Anderson, Frank Bechhofer, Lynn Jamieson, David McCrone, Youjun Li and Robert Stewart (2000) - Confidence amid Uncertainty: ambitions and plans in a sample of young adults Reference: 1-900522-95-0
  21. Richard Feesey (2002) - Get Real, Go For It and Get a Life: A Living Death of the Social - Or Its Affirmation For Our Time Reference: 1-90052201-2
  22. Irene Rafanell (2002) - The Social Genesis of Individual Practices: An Individualistic versus a Collectivist Account Reference: 1-900522-06-3
  23. John MacInnes (1994) - Sociology and Demography: A Promising Relationship? Women's employment, parental identity and fertility in Europe. An Analysis of the Family and Gender Roles II Survey (ISSP 1994) Reference: 1-900522-11-X
  24. Stanley Raffel (2004) - On A Letter of Resignation Reference: 1-900522-16-0
  25. Hugo Gorringe (2006) - Voting for Ourselves' Dalit Politics and Elections in Tamil Nadu Reference: 1-900522-03-9
  26. Andrea Salter (2008) - Engaging with ‘the present’? Nella last’s mass observation diary Reference: 1-900522-13-6
  27. Maria Gulczynska (2008) - British versus polish relationship Talk: Comparative life stories of two Married males in their thirties Reference: 1-900522-18-7
  28. Fiona Smyth (2008) - Constructing place, directing practice? Using travel guidebooks Reference: 1-900522-23-3
  29. Emre Tarim (2008) - Studying Financial Markets: Issues of Methodology and Disciplinary Boundaries Reference: 1-900522-28-4
  30. Kanykey Jailobaeva (2008) - The associational life: Kyrgyzstan and Scotland Reference: 1-900522-33-0
  31. Andressa Gadda (2008) - Rights, Foucault and Power: A critical analysis of the United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child Reference: 1-900522-38-1
  32. Hugo Gorringe, Gillian Haddow, Irene Rafanell, Emmanuelle Tulle and Chris Yuill (2007) - The Transformative Capacity of Embodiment Reference: 1-900522-08-X
  33. Maddie Breeze (2009) - Analyzing young women’s experiences of hidden Reference: 1-900522-43-8
  34. Liz Stanley (2009) - The future for sociology (and the tower will not fall). Reference: 1-900522-48-9
  35. Carrie Purcell (2009) - Doing Massage: body work through a narrative lens Reference: 1-900522-53-5
  36. Steve MacLennan (2009) - Calculating Practices Reference: 1-900522-58-6
  37. Hung-Chieh Chang (2009) - Half-blood Princes and Princesses: Identities among Children of New Immigrant Women in Taiwan Reference: 1-900522-63-2
  38. Nick Prior (2009) - The Slug and the Juggernaut? Museums, Cities, Rhythms Reference: 1-900522-68-3
  39. Sam Friedman (2009) - Legitimating A Discredited Art Form: The Changing Field Of British Comedy Reference: 1-900522-73-X
  40. Samuel J. Spiegel (2013) - Managing Small-Scale Gold Mining and Diverse Rural Development Dynamics: Insights from Cambodia Reference: 1 900522 26 8
  41. John Eldridge (2014) - Tom Burns and the practice of Sociology Reference: 1900522 31 4