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Sociology: Research


Sociology of South and East Asia

Our work in this research area focuses on contemporary social processes in South and East Asia. Key themes include gender, health, education, identity, human rights, citizenship and social movements. Edinburgh’s interdisciplinary Centre for South Asian Studies is one of the largest centres in Europe concerned with social science and humanities research on South Asia. The Centre runs a flourishing seminar series and also sponsors annual visiting fellowships which bring international scholars to Edinburgh. On East Asia, we have expertise in the political sociology of China, connecting us to a growing interdisciplinary community at the University centred in the Scottish Centre for Chinese Studies.



See our indivudual webpages for a full list of publications, but indicative publications in these areas include:



Radhika Govinda. 2013. '"First Our Fields, Now Our Women" Gender Politics in Delhi's Urban Villages in Transition', South Asia Multi-disciplinary Academic Journal (SAMAJ)

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Human Rights:

Roger Jeffery & Nidhi Singal. 2008. 'Disability Estimates in India: A changing Landscape of Socio-Political Struggle.' Economic and Political Weekly, 43, 12 & 13: 22-24.

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Citizenship and Social Movements:

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