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Digital Sociology

'Digital Sociologies' Published 

digsocProviding a much needed overview of the growing field of digital sociology, this handbook connects digital media technologies to the traditional sociological areas of study, like labour, culture, education, race, class and gender. Rooted in a critical understanding of inequality as foundational to digital sociology and is edited by leaders in the field. It includes topics ranging from web analytics, wearable technologies, social media analysis and digital labour. This rigorous, accessible text explores contemporary dilemmas and problems of the digital age in relation to inequality, institutions and social identity, making it suitable for use for a global audience on a variety of social science courses and beyond. Offering an important step forward for the discipline of sociology Digital sociologies is an important intellectual benchmark in placing digital at the forefront of investigating the social.

'Digital Sociology: Critical Perspectives' Published

New digital technologies have fostered much debate about the nature of social relationships, institutions and structures in a new information age. An amorphous and interdisciplinary field of research has emerged, concerning itself with the complexities and contradictions involved in the fundamental shifts and radical transformations which information and communication technologies (ICTs) are purportedly bringing about across cultural, political and economic practices. From cyberselves to cyber communities, from media wars to the digital divide, sociology confronts a new digital landscape. 
This text takes stock of how the discipline has addressed the challenge of the digital providing a uniquely sociological framework with which to critically re-evaluate fundamental social concerns: from digital intimacies and online relationships to new forms of mediated inequality and network structures, from digitally mediated media practices to education and health 2.0, this text provides a comprehensive introduction to the transformations wrought by digital technologies to contemporary societies and a critical reflection on how the digital is reconfiguring the tools, concepts and precepts of the discipline.

Edinburgh Text Analysis Research Group (EdTA)

The Edinburgh Text Analysis Research Group (EdTA) provides postgraduate students and academics with a platform to discuss projects, issues and ideas related to Computational Text Analysis (also referred to as Automated Content Analysis, Quantitative Content Analysis, Text as Data, Text Mining, and so on).

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Edinburgh Digital Life Group (EDLG)

Edinburgh Digital Life Group is an interdisciplinary group which aims to bring together anyone with an interest in the study of online communities, digital society, and life on digital platforms. There are a large number of scholars across the University who study these fields from a variety of disciplinary angles and through many different lenses. EDLG provides a forum for those researchers, from post-grad level to faculty, to professional services workers, to have the opportunity to meet, network, and discuss topics of mutual interest as well as exchanging knowledge and skills.
We are currently meeting on a biweekly-monthly basis, and as a nascent organisation we welcome individuals who want to mould the direction in which the group goes. We intend on holding discussions themed around papers and individual debates and issues, inviting speakers from within and without the University to present their research, and potentially organising a one-day conference in the medium-term future.
This group is convened by Tim Squirrell. PhD Researcher, Dept of Science, Technology and Innovation Studies.

Taught MSc in "Digital Society" now launched @ The University of Edinburgh

The department of sociology is excited to offer an innovative, new programme in one of the top Sociology programmes in the UK.  This degree directly responds to a growing need for our graduates to be able to critically and creatively study and analyze a world undergoing rapid digital transformation. Digital sociology provides a vital foundation for understanding how digital technologies and data are shaping our social institutions, social relations, and everyday life.

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