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Sociology: Research


Local Energy Business and Financial Practices

This new research project is focussing on local energy businesses and financial practices.

  • The research will centre on development of a comprehensive database of UK local clean energy business structures and finances, synthesising and extending existing empirical evidence
  • Data analyses will inform development of next generation business models and financing, with the aim of contributing to clean, affordable and resilient energy systems and local prosperity

It is part of the Energy Revolution Research Consortium, led by Prof Stephen McArthur, University of Strathclyde, a component of the UK Industrial Strategy Challenge: Prospering from the Energy Revolution.

The consortium will inform Prospering from the Energy Revolution demonstrator projects, undertaking analysis and evaluation, building best practice and leading knowledge exchange with policy, academic and industrial communities.

The research team includes Professor Jan Webb (Heat and the City, Sociology), Dr Matt Hannon, Strathclyde University and Dr Maria Sharmina, Manchester University.

More information about the research will be added soon.