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Job Mobilities and Family Lives in Europe (JobMob)

Job Mobilities and Family Lives in Europe (JobMob) is a European Commission funded project studying the interactions between work-related high mobility and personal lives.

This project is the first large longitudinal survey studying the interactions between family life, job career, and all forms of work-related intensive spatial mobility (e.g. daily and weekly long-distance commuting, frequent business trips, migration, dual location households, long-distance relationships). The first wave of this project was funded by the European Commission in the Sixth Framework Programme (1,277,350 Euro). 7,200 persons in six European countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, and Switzerland) were interviewed in 2007 on the causes, obstacles, and consequences of spatial mobility on their personal lives, including partnership and family development, family organisation and social integration. This pioneering research project led to an important number of original findings and publications (further information here).

In 2010-12, a second wave of the project was carried out in four countries, with the aim of exploring changes over the life course. In addition to the panel sample, new highly mobile partipants were interviewed. 40 in-depth interviews were also conducted. The Mobile Lives Forum created by the French Railway Company (SNCF) funded the project in Switzerland and France. Also, visit the Slices of (mobile) life project webpage here.


A child birth is a more important determinant of high mobility practices among women


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Illustrations by Jean Leveugle
Source: SLICES OF (MOBILE) LIFE : Mixed Format, text and graphic novel (hard cover) – Editions Loco – available in bookstores November 13, 2014. 


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