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Cookbooks, Class and Lifestyle: Representing Food in the British and Slovene Media

Cookbooks, Class and Lifestyle: Representing Food in the British and Slovene Media
Speaker: Dr Ana Tominc # Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh; Speaker: Dr Alenka Jelen- Sanchez # Stirling University; Speaker: Charlotte Maberley # Queen Margaret University Edinburgh; Introduced by: Prof Philip Drake # Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
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Date and Time
2nd May 2018 17:45 - 2nd May 2018 19:30
The Royal Scots Club (The Hepburn Suite), 29 - 31 Abercromby Place, Edinburgh, EH3 6QE

This event marks the publication of a book entitled The Discursive Construction of Class and Lifestyle: Celebrity Chef Cookbooks in post-Socialist Slovenia (2017, John Benjamins) authored by Dr Ana Tominc (Queen Margaret University Edinburgh).  It is supported by the Embassy of Slovenia in London.  To attend please RSVP to Ana Tominc (email:

About the book
This book discusses transformations in the construction of culinary taste, lifestyle and class through cookbook language style in post-socialist and socialist Slovenia. Using a critical discourse studies approach it demonstrates how the representation of culinary advice in standard and celebrity cookbooks has changed in recent decades as a result of general social transformations such as postmodernity and globalization. It argues that compared to the standard cookbooks, where nutritionist ideology is at the forefront, celebrity cookbooks reflect the conversational, hybrid nature of the genre, through which they promote global foodie discourse, often associated with middle class, while at the same time localizing the global trends to the Slovene context.

About the discussants
Dr Ana Tominc is a lecturer and researcher at Queen Margaret University. She teaches on food, culture, and communication as part of the postgraduate program MSc Gastronomy. She is interested in discourses of everyday life, specifically food and how it is represented and communicated in the media.

Dr Alenka Jelen-Sanchez is a Lecturer in Public Relations at the University of Stirling and teaches postgraduate modules in public relations and public communication theories, public affairs, advocacy, and research methods. Her research focuses on intersections and relationships between public relations, media and politics.

Charlotte Maberly is co-creator of and lecturer for the Queen Margaret University MSc Gastronomy programme; an interdisciplinary study of the production, culture, science and politics of food. She also runs food educational experiences via her own venture -