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Sociology: Research


Privacy and Confidentiality Information

EPIFM’s methodology is predominantly qualitative, including semi-structured interviewing, fieldwork at finance-industry conferences and training courses, documentary analysis, and – where possible – direct observation of evaluation practices.  

We will be researching primarily economic evaluation, in other words the practices by which such professionals seek to discover the monetary value of financial instruments, either ‘absolute’ value or value relative to other instruments. As well as researching how people do this, we will also be examining the broad features of how evaluation is conducted by computer systems, including systems that also place and cancel orders on the basis of this evaluation (in other words, automated trading). 

To gather the necessary information we need the participation of market professionals. You are entirely free either to participate or to decline to participate, and do not need to give any reason for declining to participate. If you choose to participate, we guarantee that:

  1. Your participation will be kept entirely anonymous. You or your organisation will never be named in our publications or in anything else we say or write, and we will take great care to make sure that you or your organisation cannot be identified indirectly. No document or electronic record containing your name will ever be passed to anyone outwith the EPIFM research team.
  2. Nothing will ever be attributed to you or to your organisation in any of our publications or in anything else we say or write.
  3. You can cease to participate at any time you choose. In particular, if we are interviewing or observing you, you can terminate the interview or observation at any point. You do not need to give any explanation for doing so.
  4. You are perfectly free to decline to answer any question we ask you, if you so choose. You do not need to give any explanation for doing so.
  5. We will not seek any commercially confidential information such as the trading positions held by participants’ organisations, the code of the algorithms employed in automated trading, etc., and should we inadvertently come into possession of such information we shall not disclose it in any way.
  6. If you so choose, we will be happy to send you early ‘working paper’ versions of our intended publications, and we will welcome any comments you have on them. 
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