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Evaluation Practices in Financial Markets (EPIFM)

EPIFM is a €2.175 million project funded by the European Research Council that is studying how participants in financial markets evaluate (work out the economic value of) financial instruments such as shares and bonds. Our goal is to examine evaluation practices in depth and in their technological and institutional contexts. 

We are investigating differences amongst how different groups of market practitioners conduct evaluation (including patterned differences that we conceptualise provisionally as ‘evaluation cultures’), and are hoping to discover the factors that shape evaluation practices, factors that we expect to include technological change, organisational processes, external regulation and the articulation between monetary evaluation and other ‘orders of worth’. 

EPIFM’s methodology is predominantly qualitative, including semi-structured interviewing, fieldwork at finance-industry conferences and training courses, documentary analysis, and – where possible – direct observation of evaluation practices.  Amongst the phenomena EPIFM is investigating is automated trading, in which evaluation, buying and selling are delegated to (usually ultrafast) computer systems operating without direct human intervention.

Below you will find our publications and other research outputs. This website also contains information about the project's team and how we protect the anonymity and confidentiality of our interviewees.

Working Papers and Publications

(Masthead Image: Frankfurt Stock Exchange / Creative Commons)