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Clayoquot Lives: An Ecofeminist Story Web

Clayoquot Lives: An Ecofeminist Story Web is an online archive developed by Dr Niamh Moore to share oral histories collected while researching eco-feminism at the Clayoquot Peace Camp in British Columbia, Canada, during the 1990s.

In 2015, the research was published into a book: The Changing Nature of Eco/feminism: Telling Stories of Clayoquot Sound.

Eco/feminismClayoquot Lives is the next phase of this research. The online archive will host research materials such as interview transcripts, interview audio recordings and other materials, enabling those interested in the Clayoquot Peace Camp, ecofeminism, methodology in oral histories and in the creation of archives, and in social and environmental movements, to easily access and engage with these unique and important historical materials.

The project is led and managed by Dr Niamh Moore, with the assistance of Nikki Dunne, Mary Hanlon, Martina Karels and Lisa Kalayji.

While the archive is currently under construction, details relating to the project and its upcoming launch *on 19 September* 2016 are available via this flyer, or by visiting the event pageFor information relating to this project, please contact us at 

For information on our free workshop for community groups on building online archives, please see Building Online Archives of Community Stories Workshop on *19-20September.

Also on *15 December* the team will be hosting the Symposium on Ecofeminism: Creating Worldly Interference Patterns. Abstracts and further event information are available via this flyer, and via the event page.

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