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Project Working Papers

Open-access publications and downloadable working papers:

Market Devices and Structural Dependency: The Origins and Development of 'Dark Pools' Donald MacKenzie, May 2019. 

Pick a  nonce and try a hash [bitcoin mining] Donald MacKenzie, April 2019.  Draft article for the London Review of Books Listen to Donald being interviewed by New Money Review about the article. 

How Fragile Is Competition in High-Frequency Trading? Donald MacKenzie, March 2019, published on the Tabb Forum.

Just how fast? Donald MacKenzie, March 2019.  Draft article on infrastructure of financial capitalism for the London Review of Books. Arabic translation by Yazan Ashqar for the blog Amman Review

Can Trading's Playing Field be Leveled? Donald MacKenzie, February 2019, published on the Tabb Forum.

How Algorithms Interact: Goffman's 'Interaction Order in Automated Trading, Donald MacKenzie, June 2018

Material Signals: A Historical Sociology of High-Frequency Trading, Donald MacKenzie, May 2018, published in the American Journal of Sociology

Aren't They Scared? Donald MacKenzie, January 2018. Draft article on the VIX (Volatility Index) for the London Review of Books

A Material Political Economy: Automated Trading Desk and Price Prediction in High-Frequency Trading, Donald MacKenzie, November 2016

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