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Sociology: Research



Clayoquot Lives: An Ecofeminist Story Web

Clayoquot Lives: An Ecofeminist Story Web is an online archive developed by Dr Niamh Moore to share oral histories collected while researching eco-feminism at the Clayoquot Peace Camp in British Columbia, Canada, during the 1990s.

Dalit Politics and Democratisation in Tamil Nadu?

Funded by the ESRC, this project is exploring processes of caste change and the political institutionalisation of Dalit parties in South India. This is a primarily ethnographic study but will also analyse recent election data to offer an insight into changing patterns of political allegiance in the state.

Edinburgh Text Analysis Research Group (EdTA)

Evaluation Practices in Financial Markets (EPIFM)

EPIFM is a €2.175 million project funded by the European Research Council. It is studying how participants in financial markets evaluate (work out the economic value of) financial instruments such as shares and bonds.

Food Researchers in Edinburgh (FRIED)

Food Researchers in Edinburgh (FRIED) is a group that brings together academics, students and others at and around the University of Edinburgh who are interested in food-related research. FRIED and its members approach food from a variety of angles, including inequalities of food access, long-term uses and abuses of resources, food production, food governance and trade, food in relation to health and well-being, and the culture of food and eating.


Heat and the city

Our multi-disciplinary research addresses a major gap in UK sustainable energy policy, which is the neglect of energy used for heating and hot water in buildings. The project is funded by the UK Research Councils' Energy and Communities Programme, and is one of seven projects which place society, environment and economy at the centre of the public debate.

Job Mobilities and Family Lives in Europe (JobMob)

Job Mobilities and Family Lives in Europe (JobMob) is a European Commission funded project studying the interactions between work-related high mobility and personal lives.

The Liveable Lives Study

This research is about everyday acts and relationships of help and support that exist outside our households and closest family relationships and the role that these can play in allowing us to lead 'liveable' lives. It highlights the contrast between the unremarkable, mundane form that such acts often take and the very significant difference they can make.

Local Energy Business and Financial Practices

New Research Project – Energy Revolution Research Consortium

Local Engagement in UK Energy Systems

A Material Sociology of High-Frequency Trading

Our project – ‘A Material Sociology of High-Frequency Trading’ – is funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council (£411,398, January 2018-December 2021). It has two main goals: an improved understanding of how today’s automated trading (especially so-called ‘high-frequency trading’ or HFT) is conducted; and an improved understanding of the interaction between automated trading and market structure (in equities, futures, foreign exchange, sovereign bonds, listed options and interest-rate swaps), both in the US and Europe.

Measuring Population Ageing

An ESRC funded Secondary Data analysis project on Population Ageing

Multi-level Governance and Energy Demand

How are devolved, regional and local authorities responding differently to goals of low energy, low carbon development and building retrofit?

The Olive Schreiner Letters Project

Olive Schreiner (1855-1920) was and remains one of the outstanding feminist theorists. Two research projects, concerned with Schreiners many surviving letters, and with her unpublished manuscripts, are led by Professor Liz Stanley and based in Edinburgh Sociology.

Participatory Action Research on Food Sustainability (PARFS)

Participatory Action Research for Food Sustainability project, University of Edinburgh

Public Order, Protest & Policing

This ongoing and open-ended project investigates the policing of 'crowd events', and in particular the inter-relation between political protest and protest policing.

Religion & Society Edinburgh Network

The University of Edinburgh's Religion & Society Edinburgh Network (RASEN) aims to bring together academics, post-docs and postgraduate students with a close interest in the study of religion in society. RASEN aims to facilitate and foster research and teaching collaborations, joint activities, grant applications etc.

Rural change and Anthropological Knowledge in post-colonial India

A SOAS-led research project on Indian village life has been awarded a £774,000 grant by the Economic and Social Research Council. Dr Edward Simpson, senior lecturer in social anthropology at SOAS, is the principal investigator for the project, which began on 1 September 2011 and runs until December 2015. His co-investigator is Professor Patricia Jeffery, at University of Edinburgh.

Scotland’s Energy Efficiency Programme (SEEP) - Pilot evaluation

A Shared Space and a Space for Sharing

The Edinburgh project is one strand of a larger study entitled A Shared Space and a Space for Sharing, funded as part of the ESRC's EMoTICON programme. The aim of the study is to explore sociologically how online trust and empathy are negotiated in the context of emotional distress.

Social Network Analysis Project (SNAP)

Funded by the College of Humanities and Social Science (CHSS) through the 2014-2015 Challenge Investment Fund, SNAP aims to establish SNAS as a leading research and training unit in the development and application of cross-disciplinary SNA in Scotland and beyond.


Sustainable Transport Evidence and modelling Paradigms: Cohort Household Analysis to support New Goals in Engineering design

Teaching Feminisms, Transforming Lives: Questions of Identity, Pedagogy and Violence in India and the UK

The Transformation of Competition: a study in the formation of modernity and liberal societies.

This project by Jonathan Hearn is the focus of his Mid-Career Research Fellowship for 2013-14 funded by the Independent Social Research Foundation.

Views and experiences of darknet market users

Research examining darknet markets

Whites Writing Whiteness Letters, Domestic Figurations & Representations of Whiteness in South Africa 1770s-1970s

The Whites Writing Whiteness project , based at the University of Edinburgh, is concerned with how social change happens and the best ways for social science research to get to grips with this.