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Sociology: Research



Demographic change in North India: A longitudinal Micro-study

A Wellcome Trust funded project in which Patricia Jeffery restudied two villages (one Hindu and one Muslim in Bijnor district in north-west Uttar Pradesh, India) first studied in 1982-83. A primary focus of her fieldwork was to investigate the significance of changes that have taken place in several indicators of women's status (kind and extent of work outside the home, young women's schooling, prevalence and scale of dowry payments) in the context of demographic change. The project was completed March 2006. For further details e-mail Professor Patricia Jeffery.


This project is researched and developed blended learning resources for Social Science Research Students in the Graduate School of Social and Political Studies

G8 Protest Research Project

Funded by the Edinburgh Development Trust and the University of Edinburgh Development Trust Research Fund this project looked at a number of protest activities around the summit of 'G8' world leaders in Gleneagles in July 2005.

Scottish Graduate Migration and Retention - a Case Study of the University of Edinburgh 2000 cohort

This study examined the migration patterns and motivations of recent graduates from Scottish higher education.

Educational outcomes for the poor

This is a 2.5 million project running from Oct. 2005 until Sept. 2010 involving Roger Jeffery, Neil Thin, Patricia Jeffery from the Centre of South Asian Studies and colleagues in the Centre for African Studies in Edinburgh and others at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, and four partners in India, Pakistan, Kenya and Ghana.

Understanding and Governing Complex Financial Instruments

This project, which is funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council, is investigating how market participants understand (and especially how they work out the economic value of) complex financial instruments, such as Collateralised Debt Obligations.

Youth & European Identity

This project explored the views and experiences of young men and women, aged 18-24, concerning their identity, citizenship and attachment to locality, nation and Europe.