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Michael Rosie

Michael Rosie
Dr Michael Rosie
Senior Lecturer in Sociology; Programme Co-Director, Nationalism Studies
1.01 22 George Square Edinburgh UK EH8 9LF
+44 (0)131 651 1651
Research Interests
The Sociology of Scotland, Secularisation, nationalism, Religious Identity, national identity, Nationalism and National Identity, Sectarianism, Politics and Religion, Loyalism, unionism

Guidance and Feedback Hours

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Principal interests

Loyalism in contemporary Scotland; Nationalism and national identity; the political sociology of Scotland; religious and irreligious identities in secularising societies; localised identities; media and nation; the politics of prejudice and 'sectarianism'.

Nationalism Studies

I am Programme Co-Director for the MSc Nationalism Studies - you'll find more details on the programme here.

Details of our Masters courses which I co-convene can be found by clicking on the links below:

Scotland: Social Structure, Social Change

I convene the Honours course on Scotland: Social Structure, Social Change - you'll find more details on the course here

Religion and Society

I convene the Honours course on Religion and Society - you'll find more details on the course here.


The 'Loyal Orders' in contemporary Scotland; Britishness and Scottishness in Scotland; Sectarianism and anti-sectarianism; inclusivity/exclusivity in Scottish identity; protests and protest policing.

harthillI have been undertaking a long term study of the Loyal Orders in Contemporary Scotland, regularly observing parades and talking to participants.

Between September 2012 and May 2015 I served on the Scottish Government's Advisory Group on Tackling Sectarianism.

In 2015-16 I was an Independent Advisor to the Scottish Government on the issue of marches and parades. My report was published in October 2016 and is available here. I have submitted an update to that report which was to be published in March 2020 but has been delayed until the Coronavirus crisis is over.

In 2018 I was appointed to the Scottish Government Working Group on Defining Sectarianism in Scots Law. Its report was published in November 2018.

I am EditScAffor of Scottish Affairs, Scotland's longest running peer reviewed journal of contemporary social and political issues, published by EUP. I previously edited Special Issues on Scotland's Referendum (2014), on Tackling Sectarianism (2015), and on Scotland: All Change? (2015).

Until August 2014 I was Director of the Institute of Governance, formerly a key hub for research on identities, nationalism and territorial politics. Before it was folded the Institute set up the Scottish Government Yearbook Archive, which I maintain.

Other recent activities and research includes: investigating national identity and the 2014 Independence Referendum; young Scots' attitudes to Scotland's Independence; localised identities in Caithness; Victorian anti-Catholic lecturers.

Previous research includes a collaborative study on The Future of Scotland: Attitudes of 14-17 Year Olds on the Scottish Independence Referendum, two ESRC-funded survey conducted within AQMeN (the Applied Quantitative Methods Network). See our initial findings - released in June 2013 - here. Results from the second survey - released June 2014 - are here.

I am also interested in Public Order, Protest & Policing, focussing on 'crowd events', and in particular the inter-relation between political expression and protest policing.

Postgraduate Supervision

Current and recent Doctoral supervisions include postgraduate research on: conservative Protestantism in rural Scotland; communities, borders and storytelling in Northumberland; everyday nationalism and ethnicity in Turkey; museums and nationalism in Turkey; comparative experiences of secularisation in Sweden and Scotland; kinship in Northern Ireland's gay communities; gender, intersectionality and Scottish sectarianism; Catholic and Pentecostal communities in Chile; nationalism and intellectuals in Montenegro; German students: identity and 'study abroad'; nationalism in contemporary Hong Kong; charismatic Christianity in Scotland; young people and political participation; Syrian refugees in Scotland; the Edwardian Orange Order.

Current and recent Masters level supervisions include student research on African diaspora identities and belonging; sacrifice and Irish nationalism; comparisons of nationalism in Iceland and Ireland; understanding nationalism in Malta; Zionism and the End of Exile; gender and multiculturalism in Scotland; post-conflict transitions in South Africa and Northern Ireland; late 20th C. German nationalism; Gender and Identity amongst Northern Irish 'Protestant/Unionist/Loyalist' Women; commemorations of Northern Ireland and the Confederacy; Scottish Hindus and Nationalism;  Genetic Ancestry Tests and American identities; Political Satire and Nationalism; Refugee Integration in France and the Netherlands; Malay Nationalism and Thailand's Southern Border Provinces; Zwarte Piet and Dutch Multiculturalism.

Selected Publications    

(For a more comprehensive list see my 'Google Scholar' profile here)

(2018) Final Report of the Working Group On Defining Sectarianism in Scots Law (co-author), Scottish Government. Available Online.

(2017) 'Sectarianism: What's the Problem?', Paper submitted to the Commission on Flags, Identity, Culture and Tradition, Belfast, September 2017. Available here.

(2017) 'Becoming independent: political participation and youth transitions in the Scottish referendum' (with Maddie Breeze, Hugo Gorringe and Lynn Jamieson), British Journal of Sociology 68 (4) (Abstract)

(2016) Independent Report on Marches, Parades and Static Demonstrations in Scotland, Scottish Government. Available Online.

(2015) '‘Everybody’s Scottish at the end of the day’: Nationalism and Social Justice Amongst Young Yes Voters' (with Maddie Breeze, Hugo Gorringe and Lynn Jamieson), Scottish Affairs 24(4) (Abstract)

(2015) Tackling Sectarianism' (with Cecelia Clegg, Ian Galloway, Margaret Lynch & Duncan Morrow), Scottish Affairs, 24(3) (Abstract)

(2015) 'The Sectarian Iceberg', Scottish Affairs, 24(3) (Abstract)

(2015) Tackling Sectarianism and its Consequences in Scotland: Final Report of The Advisory Group on Tackling Sectarianism in Scotland – April 2015 (co-author). Available Online

(2015) '"The Essence of the Union" …’: Unionism, Nationalism and Identity On These Disconnected Islands' (with Eve Hepburn), Scottish Affairs, 24(2) (Abstract)

(2015) 'Religion in Scotland and Norway' (with Arne Bugge Amundsen), in John Bryden et al (eds), Northern Neighbours - Scotland and Norway Since 1800, Edinburgh: EUP (Publisher's Note)

(2014) ' He will inspire us with courage and bring our enemies to nought: Religion and nationalism in Scotland', in Ferran Requejo and Klaus-Jürgen Nagel (ed), Politics of Religion and Nationalism: Federalism, Consociationalism and Secession, London: Routledge (Publisher's Note)

(2014) 'A’ the Bairns o’ Adam? The Ethnic Boundaries of Scottish National Identity', in Jennifer Jackson & Lina Molokotos-Liederman (ed), Nationalism, Ethnicity and Boundaries: Conceptualising and understanding identity through boundary approaches, London: Routledge (Publisher's Note)

(2014) ‘Tall Tales: Understanding Religion and Scottish Independence’, Scottish Affairs, 23(3) (Journal website)

(2014) 'Immigration, Nationalism and Political Parties in Scotland' (with Eve Hepburn), in Eve Hepburn & Ricard Zapata-Barrero (eds), The Politics of Immigration in Multi-level States: Governance and Political Parties, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan (Publisher's Note).

(2013) Advisory Group On Tackling Sectarianism In Scotland, Advice To Scottish Ministers And Report On Activity 9 August 2012 - 15 November 2013 (co-author). Available Online

(2013) 'Outside the Hothouse: Perspectives Beyond the Old Firm', in John Flint & John Kelly (eds), Bigotry, Football and Scotland, Edinburgh University Press. Chapter available online / Preview at Google Books / Publisher's Note.

(2013) '"We will facilitate your protest": Experiments with Liaison Policing' (with Hugo Gorringe), Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice, Advance Access version online, February. Abstract

(2012) 'Who Are You? National Identity and Contemporary Return Migrants in Scotland' in Mario Varricchio (ed), Back to Caledonia: Scottish Return Migration from the Sixteenth Century to the Present, Edinburgh: John Donald. Publisher's Note

(2012) '"Areas cannot be selective": Caithness and the Gaelic Road-Sign Saga', Scottish Affairs 80. More information

(2012) 'Dialogue Police, Decision Making, and the Management of Public Order During Protest Crowd Events' (with Hugo Gorringe and Clifford Stott), Journal of Investigative Psychology and Offender Profiling, 9 (2) Abstract

(2011) 'King Mob: Perceptions, Prescriptions and Presumptions About the Policing of England's Riots' (with Hugo Gorringe), Sociological Research Online, 16 (4) Abstract

(2011) 'It's Grim Down South: A Scottish Take On The "English Riots"' (with Hugo Gorringe), Scottish Affairs, 77 Draft Available

(2011) 'Facilitating Ineffective Protest? The Policing of the 2009 Edinburgh NATO protests' (with Hugo Gorringe, David Waddington & Margarita Kominou), Policing & Society, 22 (2). Abstract

(2011) 'Aye Right? Scotland's Far Right Parties in 2011', Scottish Affairs, 76. More information

(2011) '˜Who Are the Nationalists? A Profile of Scottish National Party Supporters' (with Ross Bond), in Trevor Harrison & Slobodan Drakulic (eds.), Beyond Orthodoxy: New Directions in the Study of Nationalism, University of British Columbia Press. Publisher's Note

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(2010) 'National Identities and Attitudes to Constitutional Change in Post-Devolution UK: A Four Territories Comparison' (with Ross Bond), Regional & Federal Studies, 20(1), Abstract

(2010) 'The "Scottish" Approach? The discursive construction of a national police force' (with Hugo Gorringe), Sociological Review, 58(1), Abstract

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(2006) 'Mediating Which Nation(s)?: National Identities In The 'British' Press' (with Pille Petersoo et al), Social Semiotics 16 (2) Abstract

(2005)  'Religious Discrimination in Scotland', (with Steve Bruce, et al), Ethnic & Racial Studies, 28 (1) Abstract

(2004)  The Sectarian Myth in Scotland: Of Bitter Memory and Bigotry, Palgrave MacMillan Publisher's Note and sample chapter

(2004)  Sectarianism in Scotland (with Steve Bruce et al), Edinburgh University Press Preview at Google Books; Publisher's Note )

(2002)  'Death by Committee', Theology in Scotland, IX (2). (Available here)

(2001) 'Religion and sectarianism in modern Scotland', University of Edinburgh PhD. Available online

Current Doctoral Students

Fayaz Alibhai
Savo Dorojevic
Isabella Gabrovsky
Dexter Govan
Rania Hamad
Justin Ho
Christine Huebner
Gilda Neri
Emma Teale

Recently Completed Doctoral Students

Topics interested in supervising

I welcome proposals from prospective research students with interests in political and historical sociology, particularly as relates to identity, nationalism, religion, ethnicity, belonging, and the politics of 'intolerance'. Areas in which I have a particular interest include nationalism and national identity; the political sociology of Scotland; (ir)religious identities in secularising societies; national and localised identities; the politics of prejudice and 'sectarianism'; Scottish Loyalism; and policing and political protest.

If you are interested in being supervised by Michael Rosie, please see the links below for more information:

PhD in Sociology; MSc (R) Sociology