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Stanley Raffel

Stanley Raffel
Dr Stanley Raffel

We are sorry to announce that Stanley Raffel has passed away. Please see our news item here


  • BA (Columbia University)
  • PhD (Edinburgh University)

Principal Interests

  • Theories of justice
  • Contemporary social theory
  • The work of Alan Blum and Peter McHugh
  • Concepts of place
  • The role of orienting to moral principles in social theory

PhD Supervision

I would welcome proposals from research students in the above or related areas, but I have a range of experience in supervising PhDs in a range of topics. Recent projects include:

  • A self-reflective analysis of teaching.
  • Being there and the phenomenology of nursing.
  • The problem of community

Biographical statement

Stanley is a graduate of Columbia University in New York and received his PhD from Edinburgh . He has a long standing interest in the development from ethnomethodology that is variously called self-reflection or analysis. He was one of the authors, along with Blum, McHugh, and Foss of the book, On the Beginning of Social Inquiry ,that first proposed this perspective for sociology. His subsequent work has been largely devoted to exploring both methodological and substantive implications of this approach and also engaging with related traditions in contemporary philosophy and theory such as postmodernism and deconstruction. Most recent work, still in this general area, discusses in various ways the relation between moral standards and the possibilities for inhabiting place. This has taken him into an extended dialogue with, among others, the work of Michel Serres and also moral philosophers such as Nussbaum and Taylor.

Recent Publications

‘Baudrillard on Simulations: An Exegesis and a Critique' Sociological Research Online , vol. 9, no. 2, 2004

‘Imagination' Human Studies 27, 2004

‘Teaching Social Rules: The Perspective of the York Project' Childhood Vol. 11, 2004

‘If Goffman Had Read Levinas' Journal of Classical Studies Vol. 2 2002