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Holly Davis

Holly Davis
Dr Holly Davis
British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow
4F1 Room 4.03 21 Buccleuch Place Edinburgh UK
0131 651 3182
Research Interests
Sex & Gender, Feminism, Feminist Research, Sociology of Deviancy, Sex Work, Sex workers' rights activism, violence against women, Prostitution, Pimps

Guidance and Feedback Hours

  • Thursday 3:30-6 or by request

*Sex Worker Inclusive* Trans and Non-binary Inclusive*

I am a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow at The University of Edinburgh researching sex work clients in Scotland. I received a PhD in Sociology at the University of Edinburgh focusing on research exploring the experiences of pimps involved in illegal prostitution in the United States.  In various capacities I have worked with sex workers, sex trafficking victims, male sex offenders, violent male offenders, domestic and sexual violence survivors,  and pimps/traffickers. My research interests include sex work, feminist sociology, sex and gender, criminology,  deviancy,  and various interfaces of sex and violence.

Current Research

Motivations and Incentives for Buying Sex : Contextualizing the Demand for Sex Work

Sex Work Research and Stigma ( w/ Nadine Gloss, Unviersity of Leeds) 

Courses Convened

The Sociology of Sex Work. 2018/2019. 2017/2018.  The Univerity of Edinburgh School of Social and Poltical Sciences.SCIL10085. Semester 2. 

Contemporary Feminist Debates. 2018/2019. 2017/2018. The Univerity of Edinburgh School of Social and Poltical Sciences. SSPS1000: Semester 1. 


Davis, H. (2017) “Pimp Desistance: The End Game” in Pimps in Situ. 2017.(eds) Marcus, A  & Horning, A. Springer Publishing.

Davis, H. (2013) “Defining ‘Pimp’: Working Towards a Definition in Social Research” Sociological Research Online. Vol 18:1.