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Hugo Gorringe

Hugo Gorringe
Dr Hugo Gorringe
Senior Lecturer, Sociology; Co-director - Centre of South Asian Studies
1.02, Number 22 George Square Edinburgh UK EH8 9LD
+44 (0)131 650 3940
Research Interests
Dalit Politics, Policing, Protest, Social movements, Social Violence, Political Economy of India, Caste, Indian Politics

Guidance and Feedback Hours

  • Wednesday 9.00-11.00 (or by appointment)


  • BA Sociology and Politics - University of Essex (1997)
  • MSc by Social Research - University of Edinburgh (1998)
  • PhD - University of Edinburgh (2002)

Research interests

My principal research interests are as follows:

  • Political Sociology
  • Sociology of South Asia
  • Social Movements
  • Sociology of Violence
  • Sociology of Identity

My research has focused on social and political movements both in South India and Scotland.

My research in India focuses on the socio-political mobilisation of Dalits (ex-Untouchables) and their struggle to achieve equality and deepen Indian democracy. This research is the basis for book: Untouchable Citizens which explores the interplay between Dalit movements and Democratisation in South India. I have also written about Dalit politics, collective violence, identity politics, institutionalisation and the construction and negotiation of social space. I am currently working on the institutionalisation of the Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi. More details may be found here.

My research in Scotland focuses on the interactive dynamics between police and protestors. My initial focus was on the global protests surrounding the G8 meeting in 2005 and the policing of those protests, but this is an ongoing project in collaboration with Michael Rosie. An interim report on our findings and details of publications can be found here: . Since then we have looked at the challenges to public order policing in the UK, especially since the G20 in 2009. We have written on police-protest dynamics; media coverage of protest and policing; experiments in liaison or dialogue policing and the 2010 student protests. Most recently, I have been involved in a small research project on young YES voters in the Scottish Referendum with Maddie Breeze, Michael Rosie and Lynn Jamieson.

Teaching Interests

Much of my teaching arises out of my own research, and I currently teach on violence, social and political movements and caste politics and change in India. My teaching interests extend beyond my research, however, and have included examinations of culture and identity in Britain, South Asian nationalism, and the gendered nature of 'Development' processes.


I have experience of supervising a range of topics at postgraduate level. Recent or ongoing supervisions include:

  • Dalit Politics in Maharashtra
  • Ethical and Political Consumerism
  • Sociological investigations of Camphill
  • Surveillance and counter-surveillance in protest-police encounters
  • Political Participation & the Student Protests in the UK
  • Life-Histories of Peace and Green Activists
  • Muslims in Scotland
  • Domestic Workers in Kolkatta
  • Caste Performances and Contestation in Tamil Nadu
  • SMOs and Labour Relations in Israel

Completed PhDs:

Karthikeyan Damodaran: Contested Spaces: Caste and Performance in South India (2017); Lauren Wilks: Running on Time: Commuting Domestic Workers in Kolkotta (2018);Mor Kandlik Eltanani: 'It comes at a Price': Labour Practices in Israeli Peace SMOs (2016); Reza Bagheri: Halal Scots: Muslims' Social Identity Negotiation and Integration in Scotland (2015); Megumi Nakamura: Mixed Families: An Ethnographic Study of Japanese/British Families in Edinburgh (2015); Margarita Kominou: Ethical consumption: Identities, practices and potential to bring about social change (2014); Alex Hensby: Participation and Non-Participation in the Student Protests 2010/11 (2014); Supurna Banerjee: Gender Space in the Tea Gardens of Dooars (2014); Miriam Snellgrove: Camphill Communities in Scotland (2012); Suryakant Waghmore: Dalit Politics in Maharashtra (2010); Salla Sariola: Sex Workers in Chennai (2007)

Recent Publications

My Edinburgh Research Explorer Profile may be found here:

Further resources are also available through

In 2010 I was interviewed by Frontline about my research on Dalit politics in Tamil Nadu. Read the interview here:

Books and Special Issues:

Gorringe, H. 2017. Panthers in Parliament: Dalits, Caste and Political Power in South India. New Delhi: OUP.

Gorringe, H 2005. Untouchable Citizens: The Dalit Panthers and Democratisation in Tamilnadu, New Delhi, Sage (0-7619-3323-9).

Gorringe, H, Jeffery, R and Sariola, S (eds) 2009. Journal of South Asian Development: Special Issue on 'Inequality in India'. See our introduction: ‘Ethnographic Insights into Enduring Inequalities’, Vol. 4(1): pp1-6

Gorringe, H; Jeffery, R and S. Waghmore (eds) 2016. From the Margins to the Mainstream: Institutionalising Minorities in South Asia. New Delhi: Sage

Journal Articles on Dalit Politics and Caste (most recent first):

Gorringe, H. 2016. ‘Out of the Cheris: Dalits Contesting and Creating Public Space in Tamil Nadu’, Space and Culture DOI: 10.1177/1206331215623216.

Gorringe, H. 2016. ‘Drumming out Oppression or Drumming it in? Contested cultures of contention in Dalit Politics’, Contributions to Indian Sociology 50(1): pp1-26.

Karthikeyan, D; Rajangam, S & Gorringe, H. 2012. ‘Dalit Political Imagination and Replication in Contemporary Tamil Nadu’, Economic & Political Weekly 47(36)
Karthikeyan, D & Gorringe, H. 2012. ‘Rescuing Ambedkar’, Frontline 29(19):

Gorringe, H. 2012. ‘Caste and Politics in Tamil Nadu’, Seminar 633 (May 2012): pp38-42

Gorringe, H 2011. ‘Party Political Panthers: Hegemonic Tamil Politics and the Dalit Challenge’, SAMAJ (South Asia Multi-disciplinary Academic Journal):

Rafanell, I & Gorringe, H 2010: ‘Consenting to Domination? Theorising Power, Agency and Embodiment with reference to Caste’, Sociological Review 58(4): pp604-622


Journal Articles on Protest, Policing & Politics in the UK (most recent first)

Breeze, M; Gorringe, H; Jamieson, L and Rosie, M. 2015. ‘Everybody’s Scottish at the end of the day’: Nationalism and Social Justice Amongst Young Yes Voters’, Scottish Affairs 24(4).

Gorringe, H & Rosie, M. 2013: "‘We will facilitate your protest’: Experiments with Liaison Policing", Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice 7(2): pp204-211
Stott, C; Scothern, M and Gorringe, H. 2013. ‘Advances in liaison based public order policing in England: Human Rights and negotiating the management of protest?’ Policing 7(2): pp212-226

Gorringe, H and Rosie, M 2011. ‘King Mob: Perceptions, Prescriptions and Presumptions about the Policing of England's Riots’, Sociological Research Online (Rapid Response) 16(4)17

Hugo Gorringe, Michael Rosie, David Waddington & Margarita Kominou 2011. ‘Facilitating ineffective protest? The policing of the 2009 Edinburgh NATO protests’, Policing and Society 21(4)

Rosie, M & Gorringe, H 2009: ‘What a difference a death makes’, Sociological Research Online 14(5)

Book Chapters:

Gorringe, H. 2016. ‘From the Cheris to Chennai: Dalit Politics in Tamil Nadu’, in H. Gorringe, R. Jeffery and S. Waghmore (eds) From the Margins to the Mainstream: Institutionalising Minorities in South Asia. New Delhi: Sage: pp131-152.

Gorringe, H. 2014. ‘Legislating for Liberation? Dalit Electoral Politics and Social Change in Tamil Nadu’ in C. Still (ed) Dalits in Neo-Liberal India: Mobility or Marginalisation. New Delhi: Routledge: pp133-161

Gorringe, H. 2012: ‘Dalit Politics: Untouchability, Identity and Assertion’, in A. Kohli and P. Singh (eds) Routledge Handbook of Indian Politics. pp119-128. New York & London: Routledge.


Topics interested in supervising

I am interested in supervising project in 2 main areas and several specific ones: 1. The dyanamics of caste and politics. My interests in particular focus on Tamil politics, Dalit politics across India and the world, and contemporary manifestations and understandings of caste. 2. Social Movement activism and its contexts. I am especially interested in Protest Policing here. Beyond these two I am interested in Social violence(particularly collective violence in India); International Development (NGOs, politics and Social Movements); and social space.

If you are interested in being supervised by Hugo Gorringe, please see the links below for more information:

PhD in South Asian Studies; PhD in Sociology