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Research and publications

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Research and publications
Edinburgh UK

Research projects 

Young People and Alcohol in Scotland: A Review of the Literature (2011) Granton Youth Centre and Junction.

Single Outcome Agreements for Scottish Local Government, 2009/10 - A  thematic Analysis, Children’s Voluntary Sector Policy Officers Network and Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People (2010).

CRFR Policy Scoping Paper, Single Outcome Agreements (2009) 

Our Say: Young People's Awareness and Understanding of the Educational Maintenance Allowance in Scotland, Scotland's Commissioner for Children and Young People (2009) - supporting Connie Bennett, Morven Dockery and Hala Ousta.

Review of the Argyll and Bute Homelessness Strategy, Argyll and Bute Council (2009) - withAnna Evans Housing Consultancy.

The Impact of Housing Stock Transfers in Urban Britain, Joseph Rowntree Foundation (2009) - with Hal Pawson, James Morgan, Robert Smith and Rebecca Edwards.

Evaluation of the establishment, operations and impact of 5 projects focused on families at risk of eviction for antisocial behaviour , Scottish Government (2009) - with Hal Pawson, Filip Sosenko, John Flint, Judy Nixon, Rionach Casey and Diana Sanderson.

Knowledge Exchange Across Settings - project to facilitate communication between mainstream and special schools, Economic Social and Research Council (2008) - Research Assistant.

Evaluation of the Implementation and Impact of Local Antisocial Behaviour Strategies at Neighbourhood Level in Selected Local Authorities, Scottish Executive (2007) - with John Flint, Hal Pawson and Judy Nixon.

Use of Antisocial Behaviour Orders in Scotland, Scottish Executive, (2007) - with Hal Pawson and DTZ Pieda.

Antisocial Behaviour: Understanding Registered Social Landlords Use of Powers, Housing Corporation (2007) - with Hal Pawson.

Tackling anti-social behaviour in Glasgow: An evaluation of policy and practice in the Glasgow Housing Association, Glasgow Housing Association (2007) - with John Flint and Rionach Casey.

Evaluation of Homelessness Prevention in Scotland, Scottish Executive (2007) - with Hal Pawson and Gina Netto.


Davidson, E. (2013) ‘Finding the ordinary in the antisocial: young people’s everyday experiences of antisocial behaviour’, Sociological Research Online, 18 (1) 5.

Davidson, E. (2011) ‘Second best? Raising the status of telephone interviewing in families and relationships research’, Reflections on Researching Families and Relationships, London: Palgrave.  

Pawson, H. & Davidson, E (2008) ‘Radically divergent? Homelessness policy and practice in post-devolution Scotland’, European Journal of Housing Policy, Vol 1.

Pawson, H. and Davidson, E (2006) ‘Fit for Purpose? Official Measures of Homelessness in the Era of the Activist State’, Radical Statistics, No 93.

Presentations and seminars

I suppose it’s just life, you see it aw the time: locating the everyday antisocial in young lives’, paper presented at the Edinburgh Police Research and Practice Group, 14 November 2011.

Finding the ordinary in the antisocial’’ – paper presented at British Sociological Association Youth Study Group, Stuck in the Middle With Who?, 4 November 2011.

‘The everyday antisocial: children’s experiences of antisocial behaviour’, European Sociological Association, Social Relations in Turbulent Time, 7-10 September 2011.

'Your space or mine? The role of space in the live of young people' - paper presented at Horniman Museum Youth Conference, part of the Cultural Olympiad programme, Stories of the World, 26-27 November 2010. Conference audio and transcripts are available here

Controlling the unattached? Exploring the role of detached youth work in policing youth territories’ – paper presented at Royal Geographical Society International Conference, 1-3 September 2010, Youth Geographies of In/civility panel.

Antisocial behaviour and young people: their spaces, relationships and interactions with policy’, University of Edinburgh, Social Policy Seminar Series 2009

Becoming an Ethnographer’, University of Edinburgh, paper presented at Social Policy Seminar Series 2010

Serving whose interests? Involving Young People as Researchers’, paper presented at Young Researchers Conference, Centre for Research on Families and Relationships, 2009