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David Hawkey

David Hawkey
Dr David Hawkey
Senior Research Fellow, Sustainable Heat and Local Energy
2.27 Chisholm House High School Yards Edinburgh UK EH1 1LZ
+44 (0)131 650 2841
Research Interests
Technology and society, Climate change and energy policy, renewable energy, local energy governance and organisation (LEGO), Local Government, Heat, District Energy

Research Fellow

Current projects 

  • Reframing Energy Demand: Innovation for Sustainable Heat
  • Local Engagement with UK Energy Systems (LEUKES)

Previous projects


Hawkey, D., Webb, J., Lovell, H., McCrone, D., et al. (2016) Sustainable urban energy policy: heat and the city. Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY, Routledge. (publisher's webpage)


  • Webb, J., Hawkey, D. 2017, ‘On (not) assembling a market for sustainable energy: heat network infrastructure and British cities’, Journal of Cultural Economy, 10(1), 8–20.

  • Webb, J., D. Hawkey, and M. Tingey 2016, ‘Governing cities for sustainable energy: The UK case’, Cities 54: 28–35.

  • Webb J, Hawkey D, Mccrone D, Tingey M. 2016. ‘House, home and transforming energy in a cold climate’, Families, Relationships and Societies. 5(3):411–29

  • David Hawkey (2014) District Heating in the UK: Prospects for a Third National Programme. Science and Technology Studies, 27 (3): 68-89 (pdf)
  • David Hawkey and Janette Webb (2014) District Energy Development in Liberalised Markets: situating UK heat network development in comparison with Dutch and Norwegian Cases. Technology Analysis and Strategic Management (pdfpublished version)
  • Margaret Tingey, David Hawkey and Janette Webb (2014) Local Engagement in UK Energy Systems A Pilot Study of Current Activities and Future Impact with the Energy Technologies Institute (pdf)
  • David Hawkey and Janette Webb (2014) Wyndford Estate District Heating – draft Case Study for DH Delivery Structures Guidance, Scottish Futures Trust (pdf)
  • Janette Webb and David Hawkey (2014) Aberdeen Heat and Power Ltd – draft Case Study for DH Delivery Structures Guidance, Scottish Futures Trust (pdf)
  • David Hawkey, Janette Webb and Mark Winskel, (2013) Organisation and Governance of Urban Energy Systems: District Heating and Cooling in the UK. Journal of Cleaner Production Volume 50, 22–31 Special Issue on Sustainable Urban Transformation (pdfpublished version)
  • David Hawkey, (2012) District Heating in the UK: A Technological Innovation Systems Analysis.  Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions Volume 5, pp 19-32, (pdfpublished version)
  • Hawkey, D. 2009, Will 'district heating come to town'? Analysis of current opportunities and challenges in the UK. Masters dissertation, The University of Edinburgh
  • Hawkey, D. 2009, Beyond the individual in the evolution of language. PhD thesis, The University of Edinburgh

Consultation responses

  • Response to Scottish Government consultation on its Heat Generation Policy Statement, June 2014 (pdf)
  • Response to UK Parliament Energy and Climate Change Committee call for evidence on heat, September 2013(pdf)
  • Response to UK Parliament Energy and Climate Change Committee call for evidence on local energy, April 2013 (pdf)
  • UK Local Authority Vanguards Network response to DECC's Heat Strategy consultation, May 2012 (pdf)

Topics interested in supervising

I am interested in supervising PhD students looking at local energy, urban infrastructure and sustainable heat.

If you are interested in being supervised by David Hawkey, please see the links below for more information:

PhD in Sociology