Ceren Sengül

Ceren Sengül
Ceren Sengül
School of Social and Political Science
University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh UK
Research Interests
Nationalism, Multiculturalism, Minority nationalism in Middle East, Linguistic nationalism, national identities

PhD Title

Assimilation narratives of ethnic groups within a nation-state: a case study of Kurds in Turkey

Academic Qualifications

Master of Science in Nationalism Studies, University of Edinburgh, 2011.

BA with Hons  in Psychology and in Political Science & International Relations, Bogazici University, Istanbul, 2010. 


Research interests

My research aims to look at the assimilation levels of Kurds from different parts of Turkey and whether a certain pattern could be observed in the way they have been assimilated (or not) into the Turkish nation-state. Based on these findings and observations, I try to explore whether the establishment of Kurdish national identity in Turkey is something that has developed bottom-up or in reaction to these assimilation policies of the nation-state.


  • James Kennedy
  • Ewan Stein


Teaching Experience


2014-2015: Sociology 1B: The Sociological Imagination:  Private Troubles, Public Imagination

2014-2015: Sociology 1A: The Sociological Imagination: Individuals and Society

2013-2014: Sociology 1B: The Sociological Imagination:  Private Troubles, Public Imagination


Affiliations and Research Group Memberships

  • Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism (ASEN)
  • Ethnicity, Nationalism, and National Identity Network (ENNIN)


Book Reviews

  • Sengül, C. 2015. ‘Book Review of Ramazan Aras, the Formation of Kurdishness in Turkey: Political Violence, Fear and Pain (Routledge: London and New York), 2014’, Middle Eastern Studies, 51 (2), pp. 330-332.
  • Sengül, C. 2012. ‘Book Review of Robert Olson, the Kurdish Nationalist Movement in Turkey: 1980 to 2011(Mazda Publishers Inc.: California), 2011’, Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism, 12 (3), pp. 553-555.


Conference Presentations

  • ''We' are not 'them': the reconstruction of Kurdish identity as a reaction to the official discourse on 'Turkishness'', presented at 25th Annual Conference of ASEN, Nationalism: Diversity & Security, at the London School of Economics, 21-23 April 2015.
  • 'The linguistic accommodation of ethnic groups in the cases of Turkey and Israel', presented at Nationalism and Multiculturalism Workshop at the University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, 13-14 December 2012.
  • ‘Different states, same result: a comparative study of Turkey and Israel’, presented at CRONEM Annual Conference at the University of Surrey, Guildford, 26-27 June 2012.
  • ‘The linguistic accommodation of ethnic groups in ethnic democracies: the cases of Turkey and Israel’, presented at the New Directions Conference at the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, 26-27 April 2012.

Other Activities

  • Associate Editor of MOUSEION Project Team 
  • Talk titled 'The Kurds in Turkey: 'Kurdish Question' and Other Challenges' at Morningside Justice and Peace Group, 18 March 2015.
  • Participant in EURAC Summer School on Human Rights, Minorities and Diversity Management in Bolzano/Bozen, Italy, June 24-July 5 2013.