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Nichole Fernandez

Nichole Fernandez
Nichole Fernandez
Edinburgh UK
Research Interests
National Identity, Visual Sociology, European Union, Postnationalism, Return / transnational migration, tourism, nation branding, Nation Branding, postmodernity, Digital Cultures, Environmental Sociology


PhD Summary  

My PhD topic encompasses the role of images in portraying and constructing national identity. By examining tourism advertisements in Croatia the research aims at examining how Croatian identity is imagined. For more information on my PhD please visit the research website.


Research Interests

My general research interests surround the role of images in society including the emergence of digital technologies and cultures within a visual society. Additionally, I am highly involved in topics of national identity and nation branding along with theories of postmodernity. With an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science I am also interested in how environment, land, identity, and nationalism intersect in addition to the how land is visualized and imagined.    


For a copy of my CV please visit the link