Marios Kampouris

Marios Kampouris
Marios Kampouris
SociologySchool of Social and Political Science
University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh UK
Research Interests
Sociology of technology, Innovation, Sustainability, Renewable Energy Systems, orientation and diversification of technological change, transition studies

PhD Title

The Technological Field: An Alternative Understanding of Technological Transitions


Conference Papers:


"Between Change and Stability: Towards a Radical Understanding of the Development of British Marine Energy."; ESA 11th CONFERENCE, CRISIS CRITIQUE AND CHANGE, UNIVERSITY OF TORINO, AUGUST 2013. 

"The Paths to Innovation in the Scottish Marine Energy Sector: Divergent Approaches and Obstacles."; ANNUAL NEW DIRECTIONS CONFERENCE, UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH, APRIL 2013.

"The Technological Field: How a New Theorization of Technological Innovation Could Contribute to the Solution of the Problem of Energy Poverty."; BSA ANNUAL CONFERENCE, ENGAGING SOCIOLOGY, GRAND CONNAUGHT ROOMS, APRIL 2013.  

"The Technological Field: Theorizing Technological Innovation as the Key to the Understanding of Social Change in Modernity."; ESA SOCIAL THEORY CONFERENCE, CRISIS AND CRITIQUE, NATIONAL AND KAPODISTRIAN UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS, SEPTEMBER 2012. 

"Theorizing Technological Change as a Series of Ever-Changing Simple and Complex Social Phenomena."; BSA ANNUAL CONFERENCE, SOCIOLOGY IN AN AGE OF AUSTERITY, UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS, APRIL 2012.

"TheTechnological Field. Towards an Understanding of the Separating Effects of Technology (and How to Overcome Them).- extended version."; LIFE OF THE FRONTIER CONFERENCE, INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED STUDIES, UNIVERSITY OF DURHAM, MARCH 2012.

"The Technological Field. Towards an Understanding of the Separating Effects of Technology (and How to Overcome Them)."; BREAKING BOUNDARIES CONFERENCE, UNIVERSITY OF DURHAM, NOVEMBER 2011. 

"Of Gadgets, Skills and Fields: Technology as Conceptualized Beyond the Social and the Material"; ANNUAL NEW DIRECTIONS CONFERENCE, UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH, MAY 2011. 



MSc in Economics: University of Essex, Department of Economics.

Bachelor Degree: Athens University of Economics and Business, Department of International and European Economic Studies.



Greek, English, French, Spanish.