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Sociology: People


Katie Ion

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Katie Ion
Edinburgh UK
Research Interests
Qualitative Research Methods, Protest, Protest policing, Surveillance, ethnography, Social movements, Political Sociology, drug policy, intoxication, social change


BA (Hons) Anthropology, University of California Santa Cruz 

MSc(R) Social Anthropology, University of Edinburgh 



Dr. Hugo Gorringe

Dr. Michael Rosie


Research Interests

  • Social movements and social change
  • Surveillance studies
  • Activist countersurveillance
  • Drug policy, culture, and reform movements
  • Drug user unions and self-determination


Current Research

Counter/surveillance & Protest: Watching and being watched at public demonstrations in Britain

This project will investigate the performance of police surveillance and activist countersurveillance around protest in the UK. Taking the activist perspective rather than that of law enforcement, it will provide a bottom-up account of the activist experience of police surveillance, trace the evolution of activist countersurveillance, and critique the predominant literature on protest policing in the UK.