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Katey Warran

Katey Warran
Katey Warran
Edinburgh UK
Research Interests
Cultural Sociology, Arts and Health, Qualitative Research Methods, Sociology of the Arts, Cultural Policy, Performance Science, Ethnography, Community Belonging, Social cohesion

I am the recipient of an AHRC Creative Economy Studentship led by The University of Edinburgh in partnership with Queen Margaret University and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society. 

My PhD research is exploring social integration, collective identity and the notion of ‘community’ in the context of arts festivals, seeking to unpack what constitutes belonging for those who participate in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. In light of the social inequalities in the cultural and creative industries (such as those documented in the Panic! Report), understanding how communities develop, change, include or marginalise is of great importance to arts organisations. Accordingly, this project seeks to better understand the Fringe Society’s role in facilitating moments of exaltation akin to Durkheim’s ‘collective effervescence’ for groups at the Fringe, paying particular attention to micro-level interactions and social relations. In so doing, this study will provide greater understanding of how organisations such as the Fringe Society influence the public sphere, create values, and shape social relationships.

My interest in community cohesion stems from my work in the field of arts and health where the provision of group creative experiences enabled psychosocial benefits. Previously I coordinated a major study at the Centre for Performance Science in London (a partnership of the Royal College of Music and Imperial College, London) exploring the benefits of singing for those affected by cancer, in addition to leading the coordination of the Performing Arts programme at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. Currently I am a coordinator for the Arts Health Early Career Research Network, member of the Arts Culture Health and Wellbeing Scotland (ACHSW) committee, Tutor at Edinburgh College of Art and an Associated PhD student in the Institute for Music in Human and Social Development (UoE).


Dr Lisa McCormick, Dr David Stevenson, Lyndsey Jackson


MSc Performance Science (Distinction), Royal College of Music, London

BA (Hons) Philosophy and Biblical Studies, University of Sheffield


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Warran, K. (2019). Book review: Christina Scharff. Gender, Subjectivity, and Cultural Work: The Classical Music Profession. Psychology of Music

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Warran, K. (2019). Social integration and social inequality at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. In Conference Proceedings for the European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry. (pp.262-273)


21 Apr 2020, How do meaningful interactions that lead to social solidarity form at arts festivals? Exploring collective effervescence for groups at the Fringe. BSA Annual Conference 2020: Reimagining Social Bodies: Self, Institutions and Societies (online engagement via social media due to Covid-19)

5 Sep 2019, Exploring collective effervescence at the Fringe. 3rd CAMEo Conference: Re-futuring Creative Economies, University of Leicester, UK (spoken presentation)

17 Jun 2019, Exploring collective effervescence at the Fringe. SGSAH Summer Symposium: Sharing Stories, Glasgow, UK (spoken presentation)

14 June 2019, What can be the impact of arts interventions on wellbeing? The Art of Wellbeing, University of Central Lancashire, Burnley Campus, UK (keynote speaker)

6 Mar 2019, Arts and health: the benefits of group engagement for children and adults. Childhood Studies Annual Jamboree, University of Edinburgh, UK (spoken presentation and workshop)

13-15 Feb 2019, Social integration and social inequality at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, Centre for Creative-Relational Inquiry, John McIntyre Conference Centre, UK (spoken presentation)

25-26 Jun 2018, Group singing for male cancer patients: A phenomenological study. Music, selves and society, University of Cambridge, Cambridge UK (poster presentation; also invited workshop contributor)

13 Jun 2018, Singing for cancer: psychological, biological and qualitative studies. Applied Therapeutics for Palliative Medicine Conference, Royal Society of Medicine, London UK (spoken presentation)

5 Jun 2018, Communities at the fringe: grappling with researching complex contexts. Methods and Sources, Postgraduate Research Conference, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh UK (spoken presentation)

3 Mar 2018, Singing for cancer. CU Oncology Society Inaugural Conference, University of Cambridge, Cambridge UK (spoken presentation)

30 Aug – Sept 2017, An exploration of the process of group singing for male cancer patients: A phenomenological study. International Symposium on Performance Science, Reykjavik Iceland (poster presentation) 

28 June 2017, Singing for cancer: results from psychological, biological and phenomenological studies. Association for Medical Humanities Annual Conference 2017, Keele UK (spoken presentation)


2019-2020, Tutor, Sociology of the Arts, School of Social and Political Science

2018-2020, Tutor, Research Methods in Music, Reid School of Music

2018-2019, Student Mentor, Academics for Peace (BAK)

12 Oct 2017 (Guest Lecturer), Performing Research 1: Qualitative data, MSc Performance Science. Royal College of Music, London


June 2018 - present, Member of the Arts Culture Health and Wellbeing Scotland (ACHWS) Committee

Sept 2018 - April 2019, Coordinator, Sociological Theory Research Group for postgraduate students, University of Edinburgh

March 2018 - March 2019, Programme Administrator, 2019 Arts Health Research Intensiveled by the Arts Health Early Career Research Network and the University of Florida

19 Oct 2018, The Art and Science of Research, interdisciplinary research training event for doctoral researchers, Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh (project lead)

6 Dec 2018, Arts and Health: Careers and Networking, panel event with networking, Edinburgh College of Art (project lead)

Scholarships and funding

AHRC SGSAH Creative Economy Studentship 2017-2020

SGSAH Cohort Development Fund: Doctoral Training Events 2018

Institute for Academic Development Action Fund 2018

Elmley Foundation Small Grant Award 2015-2017 

Elmley Foundation Small Grant Award 2011-2012 

Lionel Bart Foundation Bursary 2010-2011