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Haitao Shi

Haitao Shi
Haitao Shi
Edinburgh UK EH8 9LD
Research Interests
Criminal Justice Policy, Drug Policy in China, Police Culture, Drugs and Crime, Qualitative Research Methods, Discourse Analysis

PhD Title

The Evolution of International Anti-Drug Strategy: Analysing Drug Policy and Practice in China


Angus Bancroft and Hugo Gorringe

Research Interests

My current research interest lies in drug policy and practice in China. The Narcotic Control Law was enacted in 2008, and it creatively incorporated community rehabilitation and community recovery in dealing with drug users. As this law was enforced in the wider criminal justice context where drug traffickers, transporters, manufacturers and smugglers are still subjected to harsh punishment, with the death penalty actively used, to what extent this law has changed police attitude towards drug users and how it affects police practice remain to be explored and interpreted. Hopefully, a suggestion of policy amelioration could be generated through this study. 


Shi, H. (2013). Guanyu jianyu jian zhu dui gaizao zuifan de sikao (The Impact of Prison Building on the Offender’s Rehabilitation). Xingsixuekan (Criminal Justice Journal), 9, pp. 43

Research Experience

Research project on The Impacts of Economic, Institutional Uncertainties and Structural Violence on the Lives of Illegal Chinese Immigrants in London

Research project on Value Reconstruction of Legal System Education

Nanchang Prison Survey Programme

Organised the research project named ‘Factors Affecting the Effects of Ideological and Political Education’


MSc Criminal Justice Policy, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

LL.B Public Security,  East China University of Political Science and Law, China