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Sociology: People


Eva Duncanson

Eva Duncanson
Eva Duncanson
Edinburgh Scotland
Research Interests
Feminism, Sex Work, Digital Sociology, Sex & Gender, Intimate Relationships, Intimacy, Online Relationships, Affordances, Co-presence, Violence Against Women

PhD Title

To examine the relationship between women who stream on Twitch and their viewers.


Politics MA   2014-2018   University of Edinburgh

Sociology MScR   2018-2019   University of Edinburgh

Sociology PhD   2019-current   University of Edinburgh


My PhD involves expanding the research I conducted on the development and maintenance of intimate relationships in digital worlds, with a focus on Twitch streaming. In my thesis I will discuss how communities and friendships are built on the platform and how boundaries are implemented by streamers. 


Professor Lynn Jamieson

Dr Holly Davis

Dr Angus Bancroft


I currently work as a research assiatant for the CSO-funded research project “Understanding and reducing the psychosocial impact of Coronavirus social distancing and behavioural changes on families of care home residents in Scotland.

I work a freelance writer covering topics such as sex tech, AI, online behaviour and online sex work. I also take on freelance work opportunities including sensitivity reading, consultancy and teaching.