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David Anderson

David Anderson
David Anderson
Edinburgh UK EH8 9LD
+44 (0)7793 453 143
Research Interests
Marginality, Processes of marginalisation, social exclusion, boundary making, social/moral norms and values, Migration, societal structure, urban sociology, Social change, refugees and displacement, social space

PhD Title

Social Space, the Self, and Displacement in the Urban Environment; an ethnography of community and home in Soacha, Colombia


LIVED - Charity

LIVED aims to improve awareness and shed an ethnographic light on the lived experiences of youth and children who have been displaced, in a number of sites around the world.


New Directions Conference - University of Edinburgh. Panelist - City Life in Theory and Practice. Panel discussing how planning decisions and urban development have impacted on populations in specific contexts, using historical and contemporary case studies. (March 2015, Edinburgh UK)

First Edinburgh Conference in Critical Migration and Border Studies. Group session - Co-production of knowledge on migration. Part of a four-person group examining issues and debates around the co-production of knowledge regarding migration. Open-format presentation and discussion. (Jan 2015, Edinburgh, UK)

Oslo Summer School in Comparative Social Science - Migration and Integration in Urban Contexts. (July 2014, Oslo, Norway)

New Directions Conference - University of Edinburgh. Conference Co-coordinator with Arek Dakessian, Radhika Govinda and Liliana Riga. (April 2014 Edinburgh, UK) 


Sustainable Development 1A - Senior Tutor (Autumn Semester 2015)

Sustainable Development 1A - Senior Tutor (Autumn Semester 2014)

Sustainable Development 1A - Tutor (Autumn Semester 2013) 


Anderson, D. (2014), Book review of Varga, Joseph J., Hell’s Kitchen and the Battle for Urban Space: Class Struggle and Progressive Reform in New York City, 1894–1914., Canadian Journal of Sociology, 39(2), pp. 299-302.