Christoforos Bouzanis

Christoforos Bouzanis
Christoforos Bouzanis
SociologySchool of Social and Political Science
University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh UK
Research Interests
Social theory, the philosophy of social sciences

PhD Title

For a Social Ontology with a Self-Reflective Knowing Subject



2008 - 2012

PhD in Sociology, University of Edinburgh 

2007 - 2008

M.A. in Social and Political Thought, University of Warwick

2002 - 2007

B.A. in International and European Economic Studies, Athens University of Economics and Business



Stephen Kemp




My principal interests lie in the field of Social Theory and of the Philosophy of Social Sciences. Specifically, some of the focal points of my research are: the macro/micro problem in Social Sciences, the debate on the fact/value dichotomy assumed by positivism, the discussion about the relations among ontology, epistemology and methodology, and the disputes on the content and use of concepts like 'rationality', 'Homo Economicus' and 'Homo Sociologicus'.



(With Katerina Mitka) The imaginary institution of social space and its resistance in a period of crisis: the case of Greek agricultural landscape; 'CRISIS, CRITIQUE AND CHANGE', 11th EUROPEAN SOCIOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION CONFERENCE, 28-31 AUGUST 2013, TORINO, ITALY. (Forthcoming)

 For 'an epistemology without a knowing subject' or for 'a social ontology with an epistemic agent'; 'ENGAGING SOCIOLOGY', THE BRITISH SOCIOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION ANNUAL CONFERENCE, GRAND CONNAUGHT ROOMS, 3-5 APRIL 2013, LONDON.

Social scientific theorization as entrapped in various epistemic circularities: the vicious, the vulnerable and the virtuous; 'SOCIAL RELATIONS IN TURBULENT TIMES', 1Oth EUROPEAN SOCIOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION CONFERENCE, 7-10 SEPTEMBER 2011, GENEVA.

Reflexive versus reflective knowledge: from the concept of social ontology towards the need for an internal criterion of its epistemic status; 'METHODS OF THEORIZING: REFLECTIVE SEARCHES FOR WAYS, IDEALS AND MEASURES', INTERNATIONAL SOCIAL THEORY CONSORTIUM, 10th ANNUAL MEETING, 16-17 JUNE 2011, UNIVERSITY COLLEGE CORK, IRELAND.

The 'internal conversation' as an epiphenomenal process: a critique of Margaret Archer; THE BRITISH SOCIOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION ANNUAL CONFERENCE, LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS, 6-8 APRIL 2011.

Epistemic reflexivity as a necessary condition of social theorizing; 'CONTROVERSIES IN CONTEXTS', PRAGUE, 9-11 SEPTEMBER 2010, EUROPEAN SOCIOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION, SOCIAL THEORY RESEARCH NETWORK (RN29).