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Alexandra Scott

Alexandra Scott
Alexandra Scott
Edinburgh UK EH8 9LD
Research Interests
Drug Policy, Security Cooperation, The war on drugs, Politics of drugs and trafficking, Transnational Governance, Central Asia, Globalisation, Regionalism, Balance of power

My current PhD research, co-supervised between the School of Social and Political Science and the Law School, centers around the nature of transnational and transgovernmental counterdrug cooperation in Central Asia. It looks at the complex multi-agency security cooperation along the Northern drug-trafficking route.

I ask whether transnational and transgovernmental cooperation can be a useful tool in contemporary governance to defuse political tensions and argue that better understanding of the security challenges facing these agencies can help to inform anti-drug policy both nationally and internationally. 

My interest in the multidisciplinary problem of drug trafficking was awakened by the recent increase in high-level and mainstream debate on drug policy and law reform. My research will try to open up possibilities of future discussion on a change to the global order on drug policy and how prepared the local and international law-enforcement organisations are for the changes.