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Sociology: People


Yu-Hsiang Chen

Yu-Hsiang Chen
Yu-Hsiang Chen
Edinburgh UK
Research Interests
Sociology of financial markets, economic sociology

Thesis Overview 

My research is to explore the influence of social culture and political ideology in shaping the frame of financial markets. The PhD thesis will examine three distinctive characteristics of Taiwan’s stock market: the predominance of individual stock investors, the government’s active and frequent interventions in the stock market, and the social activity in securities brokerage offices.


Prof. Donald MacKenzie, Prof. Francesca Bray. 


Master of Art in Sociology, National Taipei University (2005)

Bachelor of Business Administration, National Cheng-Chi University (2002)


 Journal Article

2007, “Taiwanese Tea: A Case of Monopoly Rent by Social Construction” in Taiwanese Journal of Sociology 39:107-157. (in Chinese)


2006, Taiwanese Funeral Customs and Ceremony, Taipei: Wu-Nan. (with Chen, Chi-Chen). (in Chinese)

 Conference Paper

2006, “Social Capital and Economic Performance: The Comparison between Han and Aboriginal Tea Farmers in Taiwan”. Paper presented at the Taiwanese Sociological Association Annual Conference, 25-26 Dec. 2006, Tunghai Univers, Taiwan. (with Yang, Hui-Zhen). (in Chinese)


Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award bestowed by Taiwanese Sociological Association: Agrarian Transformation in Industrial Capitalist Society: A Socio- Economic Study of Taiwan’s Tea Industry

Ministry of Education (Taiwan) Studying Abroad Scholarship

Academia Sinica Fellowship