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Sociology: People


Tzu-Yuan Lin

Tzu-Yuan Lin
Tzu-Yuan Lin
Edinburgh UK EH8 9LD
Research Interests
The elderly's care, Culture / interculturality, Socio-cultural change



MA (Child and Family Relationships)--- Fu- Jen Catholic University

BA (Philosophy)--- Fu-Jen Catholic University


Ph.D Research Project

Care for the elderly is a particular concern in ageing societies. In Taiwan, traditional Chinese cultures encourage collective practice, including informal family care of elderly people, which meets their requirements. However, social change is modifying traditional values and behaviours, leading some commentators to put blame on a western style of individualism. Interest in how Taiwanese people interpret these two value systems and react to them in familial interactions was the beginning of this research on 20 pairs of college-aged grandchildren and their grandparents.

The research questions mainly focus on the three areas. Firstly, how the role, the perceptions and the attached expectations of being a grandchild construct the contemporary grandchildren’s understandings of their orientations to their families. Secondly, exploring grandchildren’s interpretations of traditional and imported value systems, operating on personal and family lives, to clarify how and on which occasions the value systems affect familial interactions. Lastly, I consider how the two cohorts of respondents receive transformation of Taiwanese society and family and discuss the effects of domestic-demographics and societal-structural changes on grandparent-grandchild relationship over time. In so doing, it arguably helps to understand how the informants in this research see the changes over time in their social environments and domestic spheres and articulate the potential outcomes on their grandparent-grandchild relationships. 


Ph. D Supervisors

Professor Lynn Jamieson

Professor Sarah Cunningham-Burley



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