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Sociology: People


Tirion Seymour

Tirion Seymour
Tirion Seymour
Edinburgh UK
Research Interests
Sociology of health and illness, Professional knowledge, Sociology of Organisations, Medical sociology, expertise and interdisciplinarity, Third Sector, Genetics and Society, Scotland, Health policy, collaborative governance and partnerships, UK, Huntington's disease, Public services, Healthcare organisations, Qualitative research methods, ethics and research practices, Patient experiences


Undergraduate study at the University of Edinburgh: MA Hons in Sociology and Politics (1st class)

 MSc by Research year undertaken in University of Edinburgh 2010-2011

PhD research from 2011 - current

Research Interests

My PhD research explores the role of third sector organisations in forming collaborative partnerships within healthcare services, looking in particular at the case of HD service delivery in Scotland. Using qualitative methods of data collection, I examine  the partnerships between multiple professionals within healthcare service delivery around complex conditions, drawing on theories of boundary work and expertise.

As of 2016 I am also involved as a research assistant with Dr Gill Haddow on the Wellcome Trust  project 'Animal, Mechanical and Me: The Search For Replaceable Hearts.

PhD Supervisors

Dr Angus Bancroft  -

Dr Gill Haddow -

Prior supervision by Aditya Bharadwaj (Former member of University of Edinburgh sociology department)


I have been involved with teaching within the University of Edinburgh as a tutor on the undergraduate courses Sociology 1A and Sociology 1B, and on the postgraduate courses Research Design and Documents of Life.