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Sociology: People


Reza Bagheri

Reza Bagheri
Reza Bagheri
Edinburgh UK EH8 9LD
Research Interests
Multiculturalism, Integration, national identity, Cultural Racism

PhD Title

How perceptions and experiences of prejudice and discrimination affect Muslims’ social and identificational integration in Scotland

Research Interests

My research interests focus on multiculturalism, ethnic diversity and citizenship in the UK and Scotland, with specific reference to the Muslim community. Multicultural societies presume integration of minority groups and assimilation into a national identity and consciousness to achieve social unity and cohesion. Concurrently, minority groups have the right to maintain their distinct cultural practices and identity (Gordon 1964, Kymlicka 1995, Modood 2007). How far minority groups should/can integrate into the wider society and how far a host community should/can recognize and respect minority groups’ distinctive culture/identity is a mater of controversy among multicultural theorists and policy makers. There is also an assumption that minority groups’ integration into the wider society is highly affected by social inclusion. This research seeks to understand the processes by which Muslims, as a stigmatised minority group, negotiate their social and identificational integration in Scotland. It is also designed to explain ‘how Muslims perceptions and experiences of prejudice and discrimination affect their social integration and national belonging in Scotland’.       


Dr. James Kennedy (Sociology), University of Edinburgh

Dr. Hugo Gorringe (Sociology), University of Edinburgh