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Fiona McQueen

Fiona McQueen
Fiona McQueen
Research Interests
Feminism, Gender hierarchies, Sexuality, Social change, Emotion, masculinity

My PhD is now complete and I am based at Edinburgh Napier Univeristy as a Sociology Lecturer, please contact me via email to: f.mcqueen at



Please take a look at my 1 minute video giving a brief outline of my PhD research findings:


Dcotoral research

The central aim of my doctoral research was to understand individual ideas about, and experiences of, emotional participation and feeling equal in the context of their couple relationships. This includes considering several areas of sociological thought including heterosexuality and embodiment. This area of interest developed through the findings of three seperate but connected phases of data collection including a survey, telephone interviews and face to face interviews. At this point the research is being written up into journal articles for publication.


Publications, Conference Papers and Works-in-Progress

Can 'we' ever be equal? Exploring equality and emotional participation in couple relationships, In progress

Understanding the Clash of Ideals within Masculinity and Emotional Participation, In progress

McQueen, F. 2013 More Equal? Still Different?  In Discover Society, issue 2.

McQueen, F. 2009. The Embodiment of Female Sexual Pleasure: Body as Object and Body as Instrument in Clarke, G., McQueen, F., Pnacekova, M. & Sahli, S. (eds) Examining Aspects of Sexualities and the Self, eBook: Interdisciplinary Press.


Conference Papers

Gender Ideology and Gender Equality in the Private Sphere - An International Perspective - University of Alicante International Week - Alicante, 2016

Emotional Equality - is it possible? - European Sociological Association Conference - Prague, 2015

Masculinity and Emotional Participation - British Sociological Association Annual Conference - Glasgow, 2015

Researching the Emotional Landscape of Couple Relationships - European Sociological Association - Emotions Network, Rhodes 2014

Can We Ever Be Equal?: The Impact of Emotional Participation on 'Feeling Equal' in Couples, British Sociological Association Annual Conference, Leeds 2014


Lecturing Experience 

Edinburgh Napier University - Sociology Lecturer - Permanent post since August 2015

University of Edinburgh - Contemporary Feminist Debates (Honours and Postgraduate course) - Guest Lecturer - 2010 to 2014

University of West of Scotland - Gender in Society (Honours) - Lecturer and Co-convenor - 2012