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Martin Booker

Martin Booker
Martin Booker
Edinburgh UK EH8 9LD
+44 (0)131 650 66 18


PhD Title:

Constructions of Corruption: Britain and Germany in the extended 19th century

What are the factors making anti-corruption legislation successful? In Britain and Germany, my research focusses on two of the rare cases in which these laws have successfully been established and, as a result, corruption today is not part of everyday life (although,as countless corruption scandals in both countries indicate, big corruption remains strong 'behind the scenes'). I look at the period of time in which these laws were established, an 'extended  19th century'. By analysing selected corruption discourses in newspapers and parliaments, I try to figure out who were the driving forces behind the legislation, and why and how it was made successful. A particular emphasis is on the embededness of these discourses in the state formation processes of the time, and how they were shaped by them, as well as in turn shaped them. With the resulting findings, my aim is to contribute to an understanding of the trajectories of corruption debates in the present, and to identify some of the underlying factors that contribute to the success or lack of success of anti-corruption legislation more generally.



I currently teach (autumn 2012):

Comparative Politics (Hons), Data Collection (Senior Tutor, PG)

Previous teaching experience:

UG: Soziologische Theorie 2 (Universität Regensburg), Sociology 1a, Sociology 1b, Sociology 2, Social and Political Enquiry, Social and Political Theory; PG: Research Design

Lecturing experience:

Comparative Politics (Hons), Data Collection (PG)


With the help of other lecturers and tutors on the course, I organised a small-scale experimental Sociology 1b teaching blog in 2012: I blame it on cultural capital

I also used to run, together with Stefan Spiess, a large scale sociology blog back in Germany:  - however, this has been inactive for a while.

Institutional Associations

I am currently co-convener of the Historical and Comparative Sociology Study Group in the British Sociological Association


Institutional Address

Martin Booker

Doctoral Researcher
School of Social and Political Science
The University of Edinburgh
Room 4.15, Chrystal Macmillan Building
15A George Square
EH8 9LD Edinburgh
United Kingdom

Tel.: 0044 131 650 66 18 (office)