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Sociology: People


Lorenzo Lane

Lorenzo Lane
Lorenzo Lane
Edinburgh UK EH8 9LD
Research Interests
Sociology of Knowledge, Sociology of Mathematics, History of Computing

Supervisor:                   Professor. Donald Mackenzie 

Second Supervisor:     Professor. Jane Calvert 



Professor Ursula Martin (University of Oxford)

Dr. Natasa Milic-Frayling (Microsoft Research Cambridge)

Dr. Rachel Jones (Instrata)


Other interests:

Writing Novels:

Editing my third book: "Prisoner of Memory" - An exploration of time and memory framed within a science fiction novel. 

Starting work on "A poem in Silence" - Exploring the theme of aging and dementia through the eyes of a dementia sufferer. 

Completing "Sung from the Brink" - A poetry book based upon the experiences of the characters from "Prisoner of Memory".  


Awards and Nominations: 

[2014]                        Max Planck Soceity researcher

[2014]                        Microsoft Scholarship 

[2014  ]                      EUSA Teaching Awards nomination of “Best Post-Graduate                                               Tutor” 

[2013-16]                   Graduate School of Social and Political Scholarship, University                                         of Edinburgh 

[2013]                        Greenest City Scholarship, City of Vancouver

[2012-13]                   Graduate Award, University of British Columbia

[2011-12]                   Entrance Scholarship, University of British Columbia

[2010]                        Book Prize, St. John’s College, University of Oxford

[2008]                        Casberd Scholarship, St. John’s College, University of Oxford