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Kanykey Jailobaeva

Kanykey Jailobaeva
Kanykey Jailobaeva
Edinburgh UK
Research Interests
Civil Society and Democratization, NGOs and Development, Central Asia



My PhD thesis examines international donors' civil society promotion in post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan since the mid 2000s. In particular, it focuses on the implications of donors' shift to state-building for Kyrgyz non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and their relations with the state. On my fieldwork in Kyrgyzstan I conducted ninety semi-structured interviews with local NGOs, international donors, and community-based organisations and held two surveys with NGO leaders and workers. Therefore, my thesis also provides an in-depth account of the NGO sector in Kyrgyzstan with a particular focus on professionalisation and politicisation of Kyrgyz NGOs



Dr. James Kennedy and Professor Roland Dannreuther



PhD in Sociology, University of Edinburgh (2007-2011)

MSc in Social Research, University of Edinburgh (2005) 





·          Jailobaeva, K. (2012) Cooperation of Foreign Development Agencies and Civil Society in Kyrgyzstan Since April 2010: Perspectives, Risks, and Limitations. Zentralasien - Analysen Working Papers, No 60. December. Published by the German Society for East European Studies and the Research Centre at the University of Bremen. Available at

·           Jailobaeva, K. (2010) "From Within Kyrgyzstan" Scotland-Russian Forum. Available at

·           Stevens, D. and Jailobaeva, K. (2009) "False Choice?: The War on Terror and Its Impact on Civil Society in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan" in J. Howell and J. Lind (eds) Civil Society under Strain: the War on Terror Regime, Civil Society and Aid Post-9/11. Sterling: Kumarian Press.

·           Jailobaeva, K. (2008) "Enhanced Government Commitment: A Key to an Effective Government-NGO Relationship in Kyrgyzstan" in J.  Couper (ed) Kyrgyzstan Today: Policy Briefs on Civil Society, Migration, Islam, Corruption. Bishkek: Social Research Center of American University of Central Asia.

·           Jailobaeva, K. (2008) "˜The Associational Life: Kyrgyzstan and Scotland", Edinburgh Working Papers in Sociology, Issue. 30, and  

·           Maxwell, S. and Jailobaeva, K (2006) "Historical Overview of Civil Society in Scotland" in Ruchir Shah (ed.) An Assessment of Scottish Civil Society: CIVICUS Civil Society Index Report for Scotland.  Available at


Teaching experience:

Lecturer in Researching Civil Society (postgraduate course)

February - March 2013 (forthcoming), University of Edinburgh


Senior Tutor in Sociology 1 A and B 

Sep.2012 - Present, University of Edinburgh


Tutor in Analysis of Qualitative Data (postgraduate course)

February - March 2012 and February 2013 - Present, University of Edinburgh


Tutor in Sociology 1 and 2 and Social and Political Enquiry (undergraduate courses)

Sep.2008 - Present, University of Edinburgh


Senior Tutor in Statistical Literacy

Sep. - November 2012, University of Edinburgh


Guest Lecturer in NGOs in Development

October 2010, University of Edinburgh


Sociology Instructor

August 2010, Open Society Institute


Lecturer in Social Research Methods

Feb. - Mar. 2008, American University of Central Asia


Conference presentations:

Donor Development Agenda:  Changes in the NGO sector in Kyrgyzstan

                Annual Conference of the International Society for the Third Sector Research, Istanbul, July 2010 

The State-NGO Relationship in Kyrgyzstan: New Donor Strategies

                2010 World Convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities, New York, April 2010

The State, New Strategies of Donors, NGOs in Kyrgyzstan

                Annual Conference of British Sociological Associations, Glasgow, April 2010

The State, Civil Society, and the Donor Development Agenda: the Case of Kyrgyzstan      

The 9th meeting of the European Civil Society PhD Dissertation Network organized by CINEFOGO (Civil Society and New Forms of Governance in Europe), Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Leuven, May 2009

The Professionalization of NGOs: A New Stage of NGO Development in Kyrgyzstan?

                2009 World Convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities, New York, April 2009

Comparing Different Cases: Civil Society in Kyrgyzstan and Scotland     

New Directions in Sociological Research Conference, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, May 2007