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Sociology: People


Tingting Wan

Tingting Wan
Tingting Wan
Edinburgh UK
Research Interests
Documents of Life, Gender and social change, Narrative Inquiry, Sociological Theory, families and households, Identity formation, Economic Sociology, sociology of emotions, Social Networks, Development studies, Social capital

My thesis looks in detail at four small-holding households in a Chinese village that is experiencing the rapid industrialisation and urbanisation that has occurred in China over a number of decades. The research explores the dynamics of the households, which are at a point where traditional values and modes of living are challenged by the changing social, economic and cultural context. These small-holding village households are characterised by an interdependent set of family and household relationships and an intricate interplay between cultural expectations, resources dynamics, bonds of affect and economic and social activities. People have a range of different ways of coping with changes, influenced by many factors including their roles and aspirations and bonds of love and caring; while at the household level, the different styles and layers of livelihood are influenced by and in turn influence the organisation of material and particularly non-material resources in the household. Both change and continuity are witnessed through focusing analysis at both individual and household levels. The research draws upon key literature concerned with household, family and economic life, to analyse the research data concerning these Chinese village households experiencing change. Combining ideas about the household as a resource system and a narrative inquiry approach provides detailed insights on Chinese village households in their changing social and economic context.



Prof Liz Stanley 

Viva Examiners

Prof Rachel Murphy (University of Oxford)

Dr Mary Holmes (University of Edinburgh)