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Harriet Kennedy

Harriet Kennedy
Harriet Kennedy
Edinburgh UK
Research Interests
Quebec, Bande Dessinée, Caricature, Nationalism, National Identity, Comics Scholarship, Text/image interaction

Thesis Title: Québécois Bande Dessinée: A Quiet Revolution

My research topic is an exploration and analysis of Québécois bande dessinée (BDQ) and Québec Nationalism since 1960. My research will consist of a semiotic and socio-political exploration of BDQ and will use BDQ as a lens through which to analyse keys moments in the history of Québec's Nationalist Movement, such as the referendums of 1980 and 1995. My project will explore not only the development of BD in Quebec but also how the medium has defined itself and developed in the face of imported titles from France and America. My research is concerned with the potentials of form and also the Québécois quest for voice and identity as it is manifested via text/image interaction.

Supervisors:  Dr Nick Prior and Professor Jonathan Hearn

Education & Professional Background

2010 University of Glasgow MA (Hons) English Literature and French
2011 University of Glasgow MPhil French - Dissertation - 'Nationalism in Québécois Bande Dessinée'

Teaching Experience & Awards

Teaching Experience:

2008 - Teaching Assistant - Université du Québec a Montréal - Advanced English Speaking
2008 - Teaching Assistant - Université du Québec a Montréal - Advanced English Skills for Business


"Foundation for Canadian Studies in the UK & University of Edinburgh Doctoral Studentship"

Shaw Macfie Lang Scholarship

2012 postgraduate Prix du Québec Award 

Academic Experience

Review - The Kelvingrove Review Issue 7 - Bill Marshall 'The French Atlantic: Travels in Culture and History'