Gzim Krasniqi

Gzim Krasniqi
Gzim Krasniqi
Research Interests
Political Sociology,nationalism,Nationalist Movements,South East Europe


PhD research

My research focuses on the Albanian national movement in Kosovo and its quest for legitimacy and statehood. In particular, it looks at the intra-Albanian struggles, elite competition and tensions over internal legitimacy and power to dominate and generate political identities and allegiance between the carriers (political and military elites) of the Albanian national movement in Kosovo.


Jonathan Hearn and Igor Stiks


  • Master of Arts in Nationalism Studies with distinction, Central European University (2009)
  • Master's Degree in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe, University of Bologna and University of Sarajevo (2007)
  • BA Political Science, University of Pristina, (2005)


Journal Articles

‘’Quadratic Nexus’ and the Process of Democratization and State-Building in Albania and Kosovo: A Comparison’ Nationalities Papers, (2013), Nationalities Papers: The Journal of Nationalism and Ethnicity, 41:3, 395-411

‘Unpacking PostCommunist SocioPolitical Transformations in the Western Balkans: A CitizenshipCentred Approach’, (2012) Südosteuropa 60, No 4, 555564.

 ‘Overlapping jurisdictions, disputed territory, unsettled state: the perplexing case of citizenship in Kosovo’ (2012), Citizenship Studies Special Issue: Citizenship in the New States of South Eastern Europe, 16 (3-4), 353 - 366. 

'Socialism, National Utopia, and Rock Music: Inside the Albanian Rock Scene of Yugoslavia, 1970–1989' (2011) East Central Europe 38 (2-3), 336–354. 

'The ‘forbidden fruit’: Islam and politics of identity in Kosovo and Macedonia' (2011) Southeast European and Black Sea Studies 11:2, 191-207

'The International Community’s Modus Operandi in Postwar Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Kosovo: A Critical Assessment' (2010) Südosteuropa 58, No 4, 520-541

''Parallel system' in Kosovo: strengthening ethnic identity through solidarity and common social action' SEEU Review, Vol. 6, No. 1 (2010), 41-55

Defective alike, yet not equal; Cyprus, Taiwan and Kosovo,’ Journal of Human Rights and Policy, Vol 2, No. 1 (July 2009), 49-60.

Book Chapters

‘’For Democracy — Against Violence’: A Kosovar Alternative’ in Resisting the Evil: [Post-]Yugoslav Anti-War Contention, edited by Bojan Bilic and Vesna Jankovic (Baden-Baden: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft | Southeast European Integration Perspectives, vol. 7, 2012) 83-103.

‘Overlapping Jurisdictions, Disputed Territory, Unsettled State: The Perplexing Case of Citizenship in Kosovo’ in Citizenship after Yugoslavia, edited by Jo Shaw and Igor Štiks (Oxon and New York: Routledge, 2013), 69-82. 

Conference Papers and Presentations

'Albanian Milieu(s) in the Balkans: Politics, Culture, and Economy' presented at the 44th Annual Convention of the Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies, New Orleans, LA, 15-18 November 2012.

'Foreign policy as a constitutive element of statehood: the case of Kosovo' presented at the Foreign Policy in the Yugoslav Successor States Workshop, Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury, 1-2 June 2012.

'State Borders, Symbolic Boundaries and Contested Geographical Space: Citizenship Struggles in Kosovo,’ presented at The Association for the Study of Nationalities 2012 World Convention, Columbia University, New York, 19-21 April  2012.

'Citizenship and (Contested) Geographical Space: the Case of Kosovo' presented at The Yugoslav Space 20 Years Later, ULB, Brussels, Belgium, 16-17 December 2011

'Albanians and Bosnian Muslims in Interwar Yugoslavia: Mutual Cooperation and Competition' presented at Transnational Islam in Interwar Europe, Leiden University, the Netherlands, 12-14 December 2011 

'The Role of Minorities and External Actors in the Process of Democratisation and State-Building in Albania and Kosovo: A Comparison' presented at UACES Annual Conference: Exchanging Ideas on Europe, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, 5-7 September 2011. 

'The challenge of building an independent citizenship regime in a partially recognised state: the case of Kosovo' presented at 8th Convention of the Central and East European International Studies Association (CEEISA), Istanbul, Turkey, 14-18 June 2011.

'Disentangling Kosovar citizenship after the ICJ Opinion?' presented at The Association for the Study of Nationalities 2011 World Convention, Columbia University, New York, 14-16 April  2011.

'Citizenship, State-Building and Political Integration in Southeast Europe – Legal, Political and Identity-Related Aspects' presented at International Workshop 'Citizenship, Sovereignty and Soft Borders in Southeast Europe', Pöcking (Munich), 11-13 March  2011.

Quadratic nexus - an all-explanatory approach to state-building in the Western Balkans?’ presented at Research on State-building in the Western Balkans: Comparative Methodologies, London School of Economics and Governance, 10 December 2010.‘

'The role of international institutions in forging an autonomous citizenship regime in Kosovo’ presented at Theories and Practices of Citizenship in the New Balkan States, The University of Edinburgh, 24-25 June 2010.

‘The 'forbidden fruit': Islam and politics of identity among Albanians in Kosovo and Macedonia,’ presented at After the Wahhabi mirage: Islam, politics and international networks in the Balkans, European Studies Centre, University of Oxford, 21 June 2010.

'Stateness and Citizenship Struggles in Post-independence Kosovo’ presented at The Association for the Study of Nationalities 2010 World Convention, Columbia University (NYC), 15-17 April 2010.

‘Academic debates and controversies in Kosovo: an overview’ presented at Kosovo/Kosova in the 20th century: exploring prospects for future international scientific cooperation, European Academy, Berlin, 19-21 March 2010. 


SSPS Graduate School Scholarship (2010 – 2013) 

Edinburgh Global Overseas Research Scholarship (2010 - 2013)

OSI-ZUG Global Supplementary Program (2011 - 2013)