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Sociology: People


Ellie Hutchinson

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Ellie Hutchinson
Edinburgh UK
Research Interests
Sociology of Gender, Masculinities, Childhood and Youth Studies, violence against women, Feminism


Research suggests that around 1 in 4 young women in the UK experience aggression or abuse from their male partner or ex-partner (NSPCC 2005, Barter 2009). Policy responses to ‘dating abuse’ include the Scottish National Domestic Abuse Delivery Plan for Children and Young People and the Westminster UK Violence against Women Strategy. National policy and concurrent practice guidelines call for practitioners working with young people to reflect on the relationship between performance and production of hegemonic masculinities as a means to prevent future gender based violence. Whilst much research has thus far focused on risk factors in terms of use of violence in relationships there exists little work on how protective factors are formed, negotiated with and supported. This research will explore how teenage young men in Scotland construct pro-equality masculinities with an understanding that this research may strengthen the pathways to prevention in violence against women practice.


Angus Bancroft
Lynn Jamieson

Previous Studies

Msc International and European Politics. University of Edinburgh. 2009
Thesis title: Visas,victims and villains. Why did the UK sign the Council of Europe convention of trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation?
BA (Hons) Development Studies with Overseas Studies. University of East Anglia. 2004
Thesis title: Imagined histories: Fijian women and ethno-nationalism.