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Jessica Hung-Chieh Chang

Jessica Hung-Chieh Chang
Jessica Hung-Chieh Chang
Edinburgh UK EH8 9LD
Research Interests
Childhood and Youth Studies, Health policy, Health Promotion, Nationalism and National Identity, Quantitative Research, Qualitative Research Methods

With great interest in health sciences, I  obtained my bachelor degree in public health, focuing on health communication and health behaviours. I started to be aware of health inequalities and other social issue in my master degree in health policy and management. I joined the research team of Children and Adolescent Behaviour in Long-term Evolution (CABLE) in 2001-2004, and built up a foundation in quantitative research and analysis. Following my interest in childhood, I developed my knowledge and skills in qualitative research in my PhD study and used innovative research methods to research with children to voice them in research. My PhD thesis researches primary-school children's construction of identities in relation to nationalism in the education system. I am now a postdoctoral research fellow in the bionetworking in Asia project.



PhD, Sociology, University of Edinburgh

MSc, Health Policy and Management, National Taiwan University

BSc, Public Health, National Taiwan University


Positions Held

Postdoctoral research fellow in the School of Global Studies, University of Sussex. 

Tutor in the University of Edinburgh in 2010-2012.

Initiator of the research group- Ethnicity, Nationalism, and National Identity Network (ENNIN)

Statistician in the iStat Research & Conculting Co. Ltd.

Research Assistant at the National Health Research Institutes and National Defense Medical Centre

Planning Officer at the Bureau of Health Promotion



Lee, S.T., Chang, H., Yen, L., and Wu, W. (2006) Social Capital of Family and School£­Its Relationship with Elementary School Children's Internalizing Behavioral Problems. Chinese Journal of Mental Health, 19(3): 231-254.

Chang, H. (2010). Tongnian yanjiu zhong de yanjiu lunli, yanjiu fanfa yu yanjiuzhe juese (Research ethics, methods, and researcher's roles in childhood studies). In Y. K. Chang (Ed.), Yanjiu ertong/ ertong yanjiu: cong lilun dao shiwe de tianye yanjiu (Research Children/ Children Research: From Theory to Fieldwork) (p. 209-240). Pingtung: National Pingtung University of Education Press.


Conference papers

Identity construction through social interaction: the dynamics between children of immigrants and children of native Taiwanese in Taiwan. CRFR New Researchers in Families and Relationships Conference, 9th May 2011.

Taiwanese nationalism and children¡¯s national identity in Taiwan. University of Edinburgh: New Directions Conference, 2nd ¨C 3rd May 2011.

Nationalised children: nationalism construction at primary school and national identity among the new generation in Taiwan. Taiwan Scientific Symposium, 4th December 2010.

The Nationalised Children: understanding primary school children¡¯s national identity with a card-sorting activity. The ¡®Child¡¯ and ¡®Childhood¡¯ in Theory and Policy Conference, 15th September 2010. (poster)

Identity construction and transition among primary school children. CSCY 3rd International Conference: Childhood and Youth in Transition, 6th ¨C 8th July 2010.

Wen-Chi Wu, Lee-Lan Yen, & Hung-Chieh Chang (2004). Effects of school and class factors on the 6th graders' health behaviors in northern Taiwan: Results of CABLE study, 2003. APHA 132nd Meeting, 24th

Chang, H.. and Yen, L. (2004) Social Capital of Family and School£­Its Relationship with Elementary School Children's Internalizing Behavioral Problems. Taiwan Public Health Association Annual Meeting.