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Sociology: People


Carl Denig

Carl Denig
Carl Denig
Edinburgh UK
Research Interests
Anthropology of psychiatry, Medical Anthropology, Comparative/Historical Sociology, Social psychology, Qualitative research methods, Sociology of knowledge and science, Classification, Diagnosis, Psychotherapy, Personality Disorders, Narcissism

My present research interests are in the ways in which psychiatric diagnoses, particularly narcissistic personality disorder, are understood and have been deployed or withheld. Through a comparative study of North America and German-speaking Europe, I have examined the ways in which a practitioner's theoretical orientation shapes their understanding of and psychotherapeutic approach towards pathological narcissism. 

Other work has included a quantitative study of desertion amongst Indiana infantrymen in the US Civil War (currently in preparation).  Broadly speaking, I am interested in a sociology which does not simply rely on "social construction" as an "explanation" of everything, but rather one which takes other fields (e.g. psychiatry) seriously.  Social psychology, comparative/historical sociology, and qualitative methods form the core of my research interests.

I have previously received an MA in Sociology from the University of Pennsylvania, and a BA in Sociology and Economics (Phi Beta Kappa) from the University of Pittsburgh.