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Sociology: People



Recent Graduates

Name Title Research Interests Contact Information
Supurna Banerjee Gender and space,,Feminist Research,South Asia
Feyza Bhatti  +44 (0)7531675411
Maddie Breeze social justice,DIY organization & cultural activism,participatory action resarch,gender,Ambivalence,Seriousness & Absurdity,Education,qualitative research,Community,Feminist Research,Intersectionality,Neoliberalism,Bureaucracy,Sociology of Organisations
Voiculescu Cerasela Transnational Neoliberal Governmentality,Political philosophy,Foucault and Deleuze Studies,Gramsci and Marxist Theory,Bureaucratic Power,Hegemonic Processes,Transnational Governance and Civil Society,Global Citizenship,Sovereignty,Poststructuralist Philosophy,Critical Social and Political Theory,Epistemic violence,Symbolic violence,Power and Subjectivation,Power and Space,Poststructuralist Geography,David Harvey and Noam Chomsky,Karl Polanyi and Charles Tilly,Etienne Balibar,Alain Badiou,Nikolas Rose,Mitchell Dean,Foucault's Governmnentalized State,Deleuze's State Apparatus of Capture,
Jessica Hung-Chieh Chang Childhood and Youth Studies,Health policy,Health Promotion,Nationalism and National Identity,Quantitative Research,Qualitative Research Methods
Yu-Hsiang Chen Sociology of financial markets,economic sociology
No Photo Angelo Constantinou Sex Trafficking in Cyprus
Daniel Cetrà Nations and Nationalism,Political Liberalism and Minority Rights,Territorial Politics,The Politics of Language  Follow me on
Holly Davis Gender and Sexuality,Sociology of Sexuality,Feminist Research,Feminist Theory,Sociology of Deviancy,Sex Work,Gender and Violence
Sam Friedman Comedy and Humour,Cultural Consumption, Class and Stratification  07814634822
Götz Harald Frommholz Knowledge,Labour Market,Sociological Theory,Sociology of Knowledge,Economic Sociology,Systems Theory,New Institutionalism
No Photo Orlando Guevara Villalobos
Javier Hernandez Economic Sociology,sociology of markets,social theory,Social Studies of Finance,Social Stratification,Latin American Culture and Society,Sociocybernetics,Socio-cultural change  +44 (0)131 6513785
Donna Hetherington archival research,Documents of Life,Women's History,Feminist Research,Historical sociology,Networking and Mapping,Everyday Life and the City
Erin Hughes Iraq and the Middle East,Diaspora,Migration & Transnationalism,Ethnic conflict,Nationalism,Ethnic and Racial Minorities,Statelessness,Boundary theory
No Photo Ellie Hutchinson Sociology of Gender,Masculinities,Childhood and Youth Studies,violence against women,Feminism
Kanykey Jailobaeva Civil Society and Democratization,NGOs and Development,Central Asia
Marios Kampouris Sociology of technology,Innovation,Sustainability,Renewable Energy Systems,orientation and diversification of technological change,transition studies
Canan Nese Karahasan Nationalism and National Identity,Secularism,Museums,Turkey,Islam,ethnography
Isabella Kasselstrand Sociology of Religion,Secularisation,Secularity,Freedom of Religion,Cultural Religion,Church and State,Religious Identity,Quantitative Analysis,Mixed Methods,Social Theory
Harriet Kennedy Quebec,Bande Dessinée,Caricature,Nationalism,National Identity,Comics Scholarship,Text/image interaction
No Photo Laura Kerr  0131 651 1832
Margarita Kominou Consumption,Social movements  M.Kominou(at)
Lorenzo Lane Sociology of Knowledge,Sociology of Mathematics,History of Computing
Tzu-Yuan Lin The elderly's care,Culture / interculturality,Socio-cultural change
Marie-Eve Hamel Genocide,sexual violence,gender,Community Belonging,relationships
No Photo Liapeng Matsau Race and Gender Equity in Institutions, Equity in Higher Education, Institutional Culture, Gender in Development, Gender in the Media
Fiona McQueen Feminism,Gender hierarchies,Sexuality,Social change,Emotion,masculinity  f.mcqueen at
Bram Meuleman Social movements,Environmental Sociology,Sustainability,Environmental Movement Organisations,Campaigning
No Photo Fiona Myers
No Photo Tracy Ostertag Natalist policies and nationalism in Quebec
Margarida Paulos Sociology of Sustainability, Environmental Sociology, Sociology of Education, Education for Sustainable Development
Aleksandra Pawlik Communication theories,Migration and development,Media and society  
Jennifer Peet, Ph.D. Social Organisation of Knowledge,Institutional Ethnography,Archival Research and Document Analyses,Historical Sociology,Narrative,Texts and Discourse,United Nations Processes
No Photo Sarah Poustie Epistolarity,Olive Schreiner's letters,Historical sociology,Social network analysis
Carrie Purcell Therapeutic and Holistic Massage,Touch,Body Work,Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAM),Narrative Inquiry,FSD,Phenomenological sociology
No Photo Sheree Sartain
Anna Schneider Socio-cultural change,Quantitative research,Social Exclusion,Historical sociology
Tirion Seymour Sociology of health and illness,Professional knowledge,Sociology of Organisations,Medical sociology,expertise and interdisciplinarity,Third Sector,Genetics and Society,Scotland,Health policy,collaborative governance and partnerships,UK,Huntington's disease,Public services,Healthcare organisations,Qualitative research methods,ethics and research practices,Patient experiences
Miriam Snellgrove
Taylor Spears Social Studies of Finance,Derivatives Markets,Economic Sociology,Sociology of Organisations  
Fraser Stewart Environmental Sociology,Sustainability,Consumption
Scott Tindal Sociology of the family and kinship,Sociology of Knowledge,knowledge exchange between research and policy,Sociology of the military,Geographies of migration,spatial mobility
Unai Urrastabaso Ruiz Nationalism and Social power,Citizenship,Historical sociology,Institutions and institutional change,state-society relations,International Law & International Relations,Modernity,Law and Regulation
Emel Uzun  07867210553
No Photo Amanda Vettini
Suryakant Waghmore  +44 (0)131 6503990,
Kathleen Ward Decolonisation,Western alienation,Feminist research practice,socio-legal study,Multiculturalism in the Canadian Context
Chloe Ming-li Yao Nationalism and National Identity,Nation-state,state-society relations,State-making
Edgar Zavala-Pelayo Sociology of knowledge and science,Sociology of Religion,Postcolonial theory,Secularism,Theories of social power