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Sociology: People


Sue Milne

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Sue Milne
Edinburgh UK EH8 9LN
0131 651 1832

Child-Adult Relationships Beyond the Home and School.

The aim of the research is to explore children's realtionships with adults who are not their parents or school teachers from the perspectives of children on the edge of transition from childhood to adolescence (11/12 years old, Primary 6/7) and living in Social Inclusion Partnership (S.I.P.) areas within a Scottish city.

The study will examine the relationships that individual children have with individual adults in terms of the place of adults in their social networks. It will also investigate children's general experiences of contacts and interactions with adults in the public world and consider how the children's accounts of these relationships may influence their constructions of child and adult.

Sue Milne has 30 years experience of working with children, young people and their families in a range of educational, health and community settings. She has also undertaken a number of research projects. These include consultations with children and young people and those in 'hard to reach' communities, and the promotion of children's rights. Her primary interest is in enabling children's voices to be heard.