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Sophia Woodman co-edits special issue of Citizenship Studies

Now available online

Special issue of Citizenship Studies, vol.21, no.7‘Practicing Citizenship in Contemporary China’

Edited by Sophia Woodman and Zhonghua Guo

citizenship studies journal

Citizenship in China—and elsewhere in the global South—has been perceived as either a distorted echo of the ‘real’ democratic version in Europe and North America, or an orientalized ‘other’ that defines what citizenship is not. In contrast, adopting a ‘connected histories’ perspective makes Chinese citizenship a constitutive part of a modernity that is still unfolding, the editors of this special issue argue in their introduction. Addressing contemporary manifestations of concerns about citizenship that have been central to debates about the building of state and society in China, the special issue focuses on three key tensions related to the practices of citizenship in China today: a state preference for sedentarism and governing citizens in place vs. growing mobility, sometimes facilitated by the state; a perception that state-building and development requires a strong state vs. ideas and practices of participatory citizenship; and submission of the individual to the ‘collective’ (state, community, village, family etc.) vs. the rising salience of conceptions of self-development and self-making projects. All articles cover one or more of these tensions through specific empirical case studies of citizenship practice in various regions of the People’s Republic of China. While the print version of the special issue will be published in October, all articles are now available online.