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Announcing Sociology's Teaching Award Nominees

Edinburgh Sociology's teaching qualities reflected in EUSA Teaching Award nominations

We are enormously proud to report that sociology has so far received 16 nominations for EUSA Teaching Awards in recognition of the positive impact that our community of teachers, tutors and support staff have had on the student learning experience at Edinburgh. Nominations were received by the following staff, tutors and courses:

Staff Nominees

Best Overall Teacher
Mary Holmes – Best Overall Teacher
‘“We’re not here to know, we are here to learn”. This is how Mary opens up each of her lectures. This single sentence creates an atmosphere where students are comfortable to engage in class discussions, with the lecture and the literature. This comfort allows students to learn to the best of their ability without worrying about appearing stupid. Mary is always prepared and always engaged with students, continuing to challenge without intimidation.’
Rachel Howell – Best Overall Teacher (Nominated for two courses)
Her passion and commitment for the course is contagious.’
She is a brilliant lecturer that inspires many… [The] creative sparkle [that the student felt in 9am lectures!] continued for hours after the lecturer had finished, making me see the connections between the readings, the lectures and real life.’
Stephen Kemp – Best Overall Teacher
Steve is always willing to help out his students and really goes the extra mile.
Donald MacKenzie – Best Overall Teacher (Nominated for two courses)
Engaging, passionate lectures, happy, positive attitude and a truly enjoyable learning experience.’
'His lectures were the best I’ve ever attended and he was engaging, funny and very informative. If he could lecture in all my subjects that would be great!’
Kate Orton-Johnson – Best Overall Teacher (Nominated for two courses)
'Kate is such a good teacher. She keeps everyone engaged, she keeps the lectures fun whilst also conveying some really complex and interesting sociology.'
'Having been taught by Kate over 4 years, and again having her in my last semester of university, it has become clear that she really is one of the great members of staff I've had the priviledge of engaging with. This semester she led a course on digital culture, which was insightful and contemporary. She really engages with the class in a way that is very interactive yet clearly delivers so much content on the subject. She spends a lot of time preparing media for classes and that shows, her slides are full of useful and often funny examples which tends to liven up the classroom making sessions interesting and inspiring. She uses different methods each week in order to break up the traditional lecture style and sets interesting assessment methods, such as the use of padlet or informal pop quizzes. In terms of feedback, she is very approachable and encourages students to chat with her after clas or in her office hours. I can say that out of all the courses I have taken in honours sociology, the two which have been taught by her (Digital culture and Youth Culture and media) have been the most stimulating and memorable - I don't think that is a coincidence'
Best Personal Tutor
Angus Bancroft – Best Personal Tutor
‘After discussing with friends and classmates I have come to realise that Angus goes above and beyond other tutors to keep in touch and keep up to date with me to see how I am getting on. He’s very welcoming and has made my time at the University so much easier.'
Rachel Howell – Best Personal Tutor
'Rachel is an extremely dedicated personal tutor, she truly goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure her students feel at home here at Edinburgh uni. She is brilliant. I always feel welcome when talking to her – I know she is there for me… You will not find a friendlier, more honest individual than my personal tutor.'
Kate Orton-Johnson - Best Personal Tutor
'Kate actually cares about her tutees and puts in extra effort into keeping up to date with students.'
Best Research or Dissertation Supervisor

Julie Brownlie – Best Research or Dissertation Supervisor

Mary Holmes – Best Research or Dissertation Supervisor
Provided me with excellent guidance, support, advice and her time when supervising my Sociology Project.’
Niamh Moore – Best Research or Dissertation Supervisor
Kate Orton-Johnson – Best Research or Dissertation Supervisor
'Kate was very supportive throughout the dissertation process. While I studies abroad in 3rd year she was happy and quick to answer my email, and since I’ve been back she’s demonstrated the same level of support. She was very quick to give me thorough feedback in which she encourage critical thinking and pushed my academic ability. Her reassurance was also invaluable during a potentially very stressful period of university. Helpful and supportive.’
Best Course
This class was phenomenal, and made me fall in love with South Asia ... and every lecture was fascinating and unexpected. ... Shruti our tutor was great.’

Student Nominees

Best Student Who Tutors
Katherine Baxter – Best Student Who Tutors
‘Katherine was extremely approachable and receptive to all the students. In a subject where you only get the most out of it when engaging in critical discussion, she made it very comfortable for me to express my views and questions.’

Órla Murray – Best Student Who Tutors